[Members] cryptographic votes

Nolan Eakins sneakin at semanticgap.com
Tue Nov 29 19:06:11 CST 2005

What exactly is this calling for?

- Nolan

Jesus Cea wrote:

>Log edited to erase bribe offers :-p :
>{timestamp 20051123T191736 nick uls_ body {Ulrich Staudinger: Yes: 36,
>No: 0}}
>{timestamp 20051123T191745 nick zion body {that looks fishy}}
>{timestamp 20051123T191747 nick zion body {;)}}
>{timestamp 20051123T192241 nick zion body { has anyone missed 3 votes?}}
>19:22,48 <uls_> Good question zion, not to my knowledge. I need to
>double check with Peter .
>19:23,09 <zion> the only one I gave a yes vote for was uls
>19:23,10 <uls_> But Peter hasn't informed me on anyone who needs to be
>kicked out. I will check this.
>19:23,17 <uls_>
>19:23,31 <uls_> The votes are secret and will remain a secret.
>19:25,00 <uls_> maybe if two count the votes it would increase the level
>of confidence ....
>19:25,13 <uls_> on the other hand, the whole process is automated already
>19:25,21 <jcea> a secret crypto algorithm would be very nice
>19:25,27 <uls_> so basically all i do is copy-paste the votes.
>19:25,37 <uls_> the results, i correct.
>19:25,38 <jcea> that is anonime but verifiable
>19:26,04 <uls_> You have a proposal, jcea ?
>19:26,31 <jcea> It is my area of expertise
>19:26,44 <jcea> if the JFS is for it, I could make a proposal
>19:26,58 <jcea> (with working code, of course)
>19:27,09 <zion> jcea: thats what the members list is for
>19:27,21 <jcea> what do you tink, zion ?
>19:27,24 <jcea> think
>19:27,30 <zion> propose it on the list, see what happens
>19:27,45 <uls_> yeah, paste it to the members list, i will add you
>within the next 24h
>19:27,57 * zion suggests uls bangs the gavel
>19:28,11 <intosi> +1
>19:28,16 <uls_> after the members at jabber.org notification comes, send it.
>19:28,18 <uls_> OK

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