[Members] Jabber group on the Freenode IRC network

Nolan Eakins sneakin at semanticgap.com
Thu Sep 29 23:55:42 CDT 2005

Trejkaz wrote:
>>The Freenode IRC network proposes a system of "groups"[0] for
>>organizations related to Free Software. Having such a group for the JSF
>>would help gaining ownership of jabber related channels (if we want
>>them), and provides cloaked hostnames for JSF members, which is quite
>>If nobody has something against this, I'm willing to act as the "group
>>contact" on Freenode.
> Assuming that the Jabber channels on IRC serve only to direct people to
> superior services like MUC, I'm all for it. :-)

I'd be for getting some rooms for the JSF and just plunking a bot in 
there that advertises MUC periodically. Perhaps something like ChatBot 
that does some advertising and directs people to some clients and 
servers that are available. And for some humor I propose that this bot 
kicks people out of the room after a few minutes with the reason "Got 
MUC? http://www.jabber.org/"

- Nolan

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