[Members] Temporary Solution regarding Wiki Accounts

Jean-Louis Seguineau jls at antepo.com
Wed Apr 19 03:56:33 CDT 2006

I am jumping on this thread, because I have not been able to get another way
to communicate with Ulrich. And I believe this is somehow the bottleneck.

I am not looking for a Wiki account, as I already have one courtesy of Peter
when this was introduced last year. AT the time, I just sent an email to
Peter and got a speedy reply with the relevant info.

That said I am a JSF member which does not appear on the JSF member list.
This is somewhat cool, as I may not have to re-apply to remain in the JSF.
But this does not follow the bylaws. I have pointed this out to Ulrich in
three different emails during the last six months. No reply, no member list
I have also tried to subscribe to Ulrich's XMPP account on jabber.org, using
both my corporate IM and my jabber.org account, and I'm still waiting for
Ulrich to accept the subscription.

IMHO there is really a communication issue here. I have no idea how you have
set your anti-spam/spim/privacy-lists but the result is really efficient:
not many people can get at you ;)

Jean-Louis Seguineau

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as some members say they couldn't ping me on jabber (propably because of
messages sent to wrong resources), i would like to receive emails from
these members in order to create the accounts. I will reply by mail with
the login credentials for these members.


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