[Members] s/JEP/XEP/g

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Fri Aug 18 04:36:20 CDT 2006

> I would be fine with naming our protocol extensions XMPP Extensions and
> using XMPP exclusively for anything protocol related and changing our
> documents and communications on this point.
> However, at least currently, our JEP series describe more than only
> protocols. Also, the name Jabber Enhancement Proposal describes exactly
> the intent of each document: enhancing Jabber. This could be through
> XMPP Extensions, but also best practices and organisational stuff.
> I could imagine having a series of blessed XMPP Extensions much like the
> STD series of the IETF that are basically active standards track JEPs.
> Naming the council XMPP Council would be ok with me, as it only decides
> on XMPP Extensions.
Yes what about leaving JEPs as they are (so we can continue to handle 
any organisational stuff) and moving only final and draft proposals over 
to XEPs, i.e. once something is declared pretty much done and ready to 
implement, this helps avoid cluttering up the XEPs with protocols which 
might not end up going anywhere, it would be certainly handy and easier 
to understand for new comers if the XEPs are just the protocols that are 
done and dusted and ready for implementation and JEPs are the works in 
progress stuff that shouldn't necessarily be implemented unless you are 
looking to beta test it, we might also want to consider using xmpp.org 
in the namespaces rather than jabber.org for any protocols moved over to 


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