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Artur Hefczyc artur.hefczyc at gmail.com
Fri Aug 18 10:43:24 CDT 2006

> > So if we change to call protocol just XMPP and all JEPs to XEPs we should
> > also decide how do we call the old protocol, that is not fully XMPP
> > compliant implementation which was valid a few years ago.
> XMPP 0.9.

Sounds good to me,

> XMPP 1.0 is what's in RFCs 3920 and 3921. In fact, I would argue that
> XMPP 1.0 is what's in RFC 3920, and that RFC 3921 also defines some XMPP
> extensions that just happen to be used for core IM functionality.

Well, I agree with this.

> Therefore I would say that only JEP-0078 is really XMPP 0.9. See also:
> http://www.xmpp.org/specs/rfc3920.html#diffs
> http://www.xmpp.org/specs/rfc3921.html#diffs
> If we move privacy lists back to JEP-0016 (to be replaced with JEP-0191)
> and remove session establishment (both of these items are being

This is what I really would like to see.
And I should probably go to Standards-JIG to vote for this...

> discussed on the Standards-JIG list), then the "diffs" section
> rfc3921bis, then JEP-0191 will be the only difference between XMPP 0.9
> and XMPP 1.0 (1.1?) for core IM and presence extensions. So that leaves
> the diffs in RFC 3920 (and rfc3920bis) as defining the delta between
> XMPP 0.9 and XMPP 1.0.

Artur Hefczyc

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