AW: [Members] s/JEP/XEP/g

Alexander Gnauck gnauck at
Sun Aug 20 14:52:32 CDT 2006

> > But the protocols are for the geeks, not for the users.  And the 
> > useless JEPs should go from Experimental to Deferred as per JEP-001.
> It would be interesting to collect feedback from Jabber 
> clients developers not involved in the JSF about this issue. 
> I'm thinking specifically about the authors of Gossip or 
> Gajim, for example.

I don't agree here.

A useless JEP for someone could be a very useful JEP for other
If you use an open protocol like XMPP, and add special features which are
not covered yet in one of our JEPs, you propably would like to document this
feature for other developers. Even if the user base for this feauture would
be very small. Or you just want to contribute to our community with the JEP.
This is the idea of open protocols. It would be not fair to vote down such
contributions because we already have too many extensions, or think it's
useless at the moment.

I think we need 2 repositories. We could also move historical JEPs the the
"2nd repository". The council could decide which protocol goes to which

Otherwise we will end up with one big unmanageable repository of 500+ JEP's
soon. And i don't think this is what we want.


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