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Robert B Quattlebaum, Jr. darco at deepdarc.com
Mon Aug 21 15:40:41 CDT 2006

Yes, of course. As I mentioned, I'm not really sure why I felt like  
mentioning it. Consider it just an "Oh, I'm working on something like  
that" kinda mindless moment.

It (darcness) is certainly not ready for such deployment.

On Aug 21, 2006, at 1:13 PM, Hal Rottenberg wrote:

> Robert,
> I was talking to Peter today and he noted that Boris Mann works in the
> Drupal core and is now a JSF member so...I think we'll be going with
> Drupal.  :)
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> I do happen to be working on a CMS myself (which I plan to open
> source after my security shakedown), but I don't think it would be
> ready before we would want to deploy. Completely Modular... Access
> control lists... Emphasis on security and usability...  Unfortunately
> the latest version hasn't been tested in a high-traffic environment
> yet. http://www.darcness.org/
> I'm not sure why I'm even mentioning this. Oh well. Whatever content
> management system is chosen, I would recommend something in PHP...
> But I guess that's just my personal preference. Drupal looks pretty
> solid.
> On Aug 21, 2006, at 4:54 AM, Alexander Gnauck wrote:
>> Ulrich Staudinger schrieb:
>>> We have a wiki in place at http://wiki.jabber.org . Mediawiki.
>>> Another aspect is that a halfhearted approach isn't good enough.
>>> As the JSF we should have a good site, seamlessly appealing and
>>> feature rich, with features unique for jabber.
>>> Aspects should include
>>> * password lookup
>>> * online registration
>>> * web based messenger
>>> * user helps user
>>> * good CI ( yes, corporate identity and corporate design do matter )
>>> and lot's more ...
>> what we need is a CMS and more peope that work on the webpages.
>> We should build a working group for that.
>> As CMS i suggest smth like Drupal or Joomla. Joomla is very nice
>> but made bad news in the last weeks with lots of security holes. So
>> Drupal is my favorite. With a powerful CMS we good structure our
>> content much better and easier. Also assign meta tags to all JEPs
>> for a JEP-Search on the webpage.
>> Regards
>> Alex
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