[Members] jabber.org website mandate

Ulrich Staudinger us at activestocks.de
Tue Aug 22 01:14:51 CDT 2006

Nolan Eakins schrieb:

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>Boris Mann wrote:
> > Before you jump into technical requirements, might I suggest that we
>>gather the goals of the site:
>>* public facing -- both community members and people looking for
>>* interactive -- forums, comments, etc. (forums potentially
>>optional...depending on what the purpose is; what would be the forum
>>* RSS, email, notifications
>>* member profiles
>>* jabber integrated
>Sorry to knock at your proposed goals, but the focus of any immediate
>goal should answer and focus on "Who are the site's users, and what do
>they want from the site?" Then we'll need to decide on our VIPs and what
>they really really want to do.
I seriously second that.
A sharp target group is required before we go to implementation details.

Do we want to have

a) more tech savy people ? This includes linux developers, linux users, 
producers, developers, supporters, gurus, decision makers, professional 
it people, tech affine people of any age.
* As information rich as possible
* As concise as possible
* As deep information as possible

b) more windows end users ?  This includes grandmas, teens, people at 
home, pupils at school, non-tech affine people of any age.
* As little complexity on the site as possible
* As service and feature rich as necessary
* As user friendly and usable as possible

c) a mixture of the above ?

In my eyes, we should go with target group (b) for jabber.org and (a) 
for xmpp.org.


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