[Members] Summer of Code proposals and applications

Remko Troncon remko at el-tramo.be
Fri May 19 11:23:00 CDT 2006

> > I'd be sad to see someone spend the summer writing a new, feature- 
> >bare client in python, for example, where Gajim fills this role so  
> >well
> No-one picked me up on this so I dearly hope everyone read this in  
> the way I intended but I feel rather bad regardless: I was saying  
> that Gajim fills the role of a Jabber client in Python well, not that  
> it is feature-bare!

Same goes for writing a feature-bare Jabber server in a higher,
widely understood programming language such as Python, where Wildfire 
'fills this role so well' (albeit in Java).

By the way, this isn't just true because it helps 'the community'.  I think the
most important aspect about OSS development is contributing to existing
projects, not writing your own. So IMO, extending an existing project fits the 
SoC program a lot more than writing existing things from scratch, and we get 
progress for the community for free.


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