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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Mon Nov 13 17:53:39 CST 2006

Ian Paterson wrote:
> I'm +1 on XSF too.
> IMHO, the words "XMPP" and "Standards" must be in there. The "F" could
> be for "Foundation" or "Forum", either would work well.
> "XMPP Standards Forum" rolls off the tongue a bit more easily, and it
> describes our process well. Whereas "Foundation" sounds nice and solid
> (a good attribute for a standards authority or forum), and it is
> consistent with the JSF heritage.

I agree that Foundation sounds solid if a bit stodgy, whereas Forum
sounds friendly and open. I don't particularly want to introduce
confusion (or competition) with the SIP Forum, which is a marketing
group and not a standards organization, and that's the main reason I
lean toward Foundation (despite the fact that in the abstract I prefer

> XSA "XMPP Standards Authority" sounds a little pretentious - for now at
> least ;-)

Yeah, I'm not much of an authoritarian. Or am I? :-)


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