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Jesus Cea jcea at argo.es
Fri Nov 17 08:45:59 CST 2006

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Sean Egan wrote:
> I would hate to see that, because of the weight
> of the Google brand, the network of XMPP-capable entities becomes
> known as the Google Talk network.

I see a very real risk there. How can we avoid it?.

Putting XMPP as a prominent protocol name (with a very small and "light
grey" text like "eg. Google Talk, jabber, livejournal, etc.") would be
the way to go. So the fact that XMPP is used in several different brands
would be obvious.

What we really need is a couple of big gorillas to share the spotlight
woth Google in this issue. Would be nice the blog comunity helps here,
like providing XMPP capable services in software like wordpress or
similar high profile product.

> Of course, a lot of the burdon is on Google, to educate and increase
> awareness to its users that Google Talk is part of some larger network
> (and I'm, personally, working on that), but it would really help if
> that larger network had a name.
> SMTP has "e-mail." HTTP has "the web." What should XMPP have?

IM: Internet Messaging :-). Or would you like to create a "new" name?.

Jabber would be nice, but it is a trademark related to a concrete
product and business...

> It's a shame "IM" is already taken.

Too bad :).

> However, it would be great to have a name that
> encompassed more than just messaging, and was distinct enough from
> "IM" that people could adapt to the concept of it being an
> interoperable technology rather than a service

I agree. XMPP if far more than a "chatting" protocol. I guess in the
future, most XMPP agents in the network will be computers, sensors,
desktop integration, news notifiers, location publishers, alarms, etc.
We really new a new "brand" that covers that wide scope.

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