[Members] Re: s/JSF/XSF/g

Tomasz Sterna tomek at xiaoka.com
Sun Nov 19 11:19:39 CST 2006

Dnia 17-11-2006, pią o godzinie 15:45 +0100, Jesus Cea napisał(a):
> Putting XMPP as a prominent protocol name (with a very small and
> "light
> grey" text like "eg. Google Talk, jabber, livejournal, etc.") would be
> the way to go.

The problem is, that this XMPP-thingy is realy scary for end-users.
Is it even pronounceable? ;-)

"I'll catch you later on ... XMPP?"

Tomasz Sterna
Xiaoka Grp.

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