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Jean-Louis Seguineau jean-louis.seguineau at laposte.net
Sun Nov 19 13:18:57 CST 2006

A few months ago statistics have been published regarding consumer IM
community users. These were saying that the Google Talk service only
amounted to a mere 4 millions downloaded clients. Although I am not agreeing
with the way these numbers were computed, there was nonetheless a definite
gap between Google Talk and other incumbent IM users' numbers.  

With all due respect, the Jabber/XMPP users' community is much larger than 4
million. I am not sure that using something like "talk" would have the
result you suggest. I am just questioning who between Google and the
Jabber/XMPP community at large will benefit the most in using the name

Maybe the foundation could enter a poll on the subject to gather external
suggestions in its coming year agenda?


P.S. in real life business for big corporation, there is nothing like a
win-win situation ;)

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Typically, a big corporation would take their brand and append it to a
common, already understood word (MSN Messenger, iChat, etc.). I'm
suggesting we do the opposite to Google Talk and ride on the backs of
their marketing.


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