[Members] XMPPD vs JabberD as a name

Chris Mullins chris.mullins at coversant.net
Mon Nov 20 17:19:46 CST 2006

I knew I should have just put that in there. Enough people like to pick
nits, that I knew it was a mistake... 

Having "Apache httpd" is not at all the same as a product name of
"httpd". Likewise, in windows land IIS is really "http.sys". I'm sure
there's an "smtp.sys", a "tcpip.sys", and probably even an "h.323.sys"
floating around somewhere. These are file names, not product names. 

For example, the "XMPPRobber" would be a great name, whereas "XMPPD" is
more than a bit misleading...

We do see, "Microsoft SQL Server", but never just "SQL" as a product
name. This keeps it from being confused with other servers of SQL like
Oracle and MySQL.  

Chris Mullins

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> Httpd anywhere as a product name. We see Apache.

Actually since 2.0 the Apache web server has been "Apache httpd".




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