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Ian Paterson ian.paterson at clientside.co.uk
Tue Nov 21 06:10:42 CST 2006

Jabber is a good name, especially for native English speakers. We can 
ask Jabber Inc. to guarantee that any XMPP service or application will 
be able to use the name.

Whereas if we use the "Talk" name for the Federation of XMPP servers 
then, later on, Google's competitiors might hesitate to adopt XMPP for 
fear of being *perceived* as switching to "Google's" protocol. IMHO we 
should at least take into consideration what AIM, MSN and Yahoo would 
prefer to call XMPP contacts when they eventually start the transition 
to XMPP. Not because I sympathise with them (I don't), but we might be 
able to reduce the chances of them confusing the name issue even further 
in the future.

Perhaps we should be persuading the developers of multi-protocol clients 
to help educate the market (and promote the Jabber name)? They might see 
it as being in their longer-term interests... The creation of a "Google 
Talk" address field represents a quick short-term "fix" for the 
communication problem. But IMHO the client developers will have to 
educate their users eventually. Otherwise they will end up with ever 
more address fields (Google Talk, iChat, Skype...) when one would do. My 
view is biased... but I'd start the education process today by placing 
Jabber at the top of the UI list followed by the names of one or more 
popular services in parenthesis (Google Talk first).

All that said, a "Talk (Google, iChat, Skype)" field is still very 
appealing. Hmm...

Richard Dobson wrote:
>> historical protocol basically superseded by XMPP. The point, in any
>> case, if that Jabber is trademarked. We are not saying that we dislike
>> "jabber" but that we can't freely use that term.
> I don't know where are you getting that distintion. I was under the 
> impression Jabber, Inc sub licensed the trademark to the JSF?

Yes, I doubt Jabber Inc. would stop anyone calling the federation of 
XMPP servers "Jabber". (Peter, would they stop Google, Apple, Sun etc. 
using the name?). If we continue to promote the Jabber name then, in 
future, people who come across Jabber Inc. will probably just assume 
that they named themselves after the Jabber IM Federation. (Just as few 
people would assume that Web Inc. created the Web. BTW I made Web Inc. up.)

- Ian

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