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JSF Board of Directors
Meeting Minutes, 2006-11-21

In attendance:

Alexander Gnauck
Mickael Remond
Peter Saint-Andre
Matt Tucker (Chair)

0. Roll Call

All Board members in attendance, quorum achieved.

1. Treasurer

Peter is working to recruit someone in the Denver area, still waiting to
hear back.

2. FOSDEM interop/devcon

Mickael and Peter created a wiki page and talked with Ralph Meijer about
the time and location. Still need to find a room to rent. Mickael,
Peter, and Ralph to discuss this week or early next week.

3. Marketing

Board conference call scheduled for 2006-11-22 regarding potential
approaches to an xmpp.org website redesign and associated marketing and
public relations efforts.

Matt and Peter are contacting several large companies rumored to be
working on XMPP support about getting on board with the XSF rebranding.

4. XMPP Standards Foundation Proposal

Discussion is proceeding. There appears to be broad consensus in favor
among the membership. Starting a member vote next week may be appropriate.

5. Intermediate Certification Authority Proposal

We seem to have consensus that this is a good initiative. The Board has
reviewed the pricing estimates and finds them reasonable. A Board vote
may be appropriate next week. Need to clear up several technical details
and get server and client developers on board with including the root
certificate from StartCom.


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