[Members] roadmap

Alexander Gnauck gnauck at ag-software.de
Fri Sep 1 06:03:48 CDT 2006

Ralph Meijer schrieb:

>And I will continue doing that. First appearance is EuroOSCON, 18-21
>September 2006. Peter will come over and we do a tutorial together.
>Peter will also do his State of the Bulb presentation, and then Florian
>Holzhauer will talk on Jabber beyond IM. We also have a booth on 'Dot
>Org Day' (Wednesday) there.
This is also a part for our new webpages. We should announce all events 
where we are present. Interested parties/comanies/developers can target 
this events and find us/talk to us.
Could Ralph or Peter let us know how busy you were on events in the 
past. How many people were interested at the XMPP technologies? If we 
need more manpower on such events i have no problem to take my spare 
time and some days off each year to help promoting XMPP on such events 
in Europe.



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