[Members] worldwide user directory

Alexander Gnauck gnauck at ag-software.de
Thu Sep 7 14:35:40 CDT 2006


in the last weeks i got many request from users/customers etc.. about a
world wide XMPP user directory. I think in combination with the XMPP
federation this is very important to make XMPP more popular and get more
users. Thousands of small user directories on every server makes no sense in
the XMPP federation to me.

We already have the protocols and some services for that. JabberFriends on
amessage.de is a good start. The most people i talked to are used to ICQ and
the people search of ICQ.

Is somebody working on a project like this? Has somebody experience with
such big directories and could give us a idea about the traffic and server
power we would need for such a project?
Waiting for your comments.

Best Regards

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