[Members] Aunt Tillie issue: Dealing with Components and Transports (was: [Flyspray] which IM system would you like flyspray to support ??)

Hal Rottenberg halr9000 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 11 15:49:45 CDT 2006

Read the below, and below that, the response I was drafting.  As I got
to the bottom of my email, I all of a sudden realized what I was
saying really didn't address the issue at all, and it was really
complicated to explain.

For background, Flyspray is a PHP bug tracker application which was
conceived initially to be the bug tracker for the Psi project, but
after time, grew into a separate project in its own right.  Obviously
the author built Jabber notification support in from the beginning.
Now a member of that dev team, who is obviously not as cool as we are,
wants to add the legacy networks in.  None of us would even consider
such an idea; because we are so cool.  But I can't argue with the
Flyspray dev community and tell them they are wrong about wanting
access to the other networks.  And on top of that, I can't tell them
to deny the users of the hundreds or thousands of Flyspray databases
out there who want to be notified via their MSN account.

Here's the original message, and my drafted-but-unsent reply is below
that.  I think you'll see why I didn't bother hitting "send".

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Some Guy
Date: Sep 11, 2006 4:00 AM
Subject: [Flyspray] which IM system would you like flyspray to support ??
To: "Flyspray: The bug killer!" <flyspray at lists.rocks.cc>


Currenlty, flsypray supports notifications to jabber, but I want to know
what IM the users would like to see implemented in flyspray.

I have currenlty an **idea** of an MSN notification implementation, but
unless there is a huge user demand, it will be only implemented in
trunk/ for 1.0 ( if implemented at all, im not sure yet try to convince
me :P)

suggestions?  ideas ?

---------- Hal's reply ----------

Here is what I suggest.  As some of you know, Flyspray was built from
scratch by Tony to be what he and I wanted it to be, as the Psi
webmasters.  Psi is one of the most popular Jabber clients.

That is why, in the spirit of the history of Flyspray, I think we
should NOT add "native" capabilities to connect to the legacy
networks.  Cessjan had it right.  We leverage Jabber to connect to the
legacy networks, just the way that you do it in a jabber IM client.

For example, my Jabber server (or XMPP, as the protocol is formally
known), is netflint.net.  That server hosts several components, some
which connect to the legacy IM networks.  Some of teh component names


And so on.

To address someone on those other networks, you prefix their username
with an @ sign, just like an email address (which is what all Jabber
addresses look like).

So we have:

halr9000 at aim.netflint.net
hal%40halr9000.com at msn.netflint.net (had to escape the @ sign)
5151784 at icq.netflint.net
halr9000 at yahoo.netflint.net

All of those are valid Jabber IDs and would reach my "real" Jabber ID
hal at netflint.net right now, except for the ICQ one which a few years
ago someone stole my account and reset the password and changed the
email address so that I couldn't change it back.  Really pissed me off
at the time.  :)

Anyway, to use this scheme in Flyspray what you do is using any Jabber
client, login to your Flyspray notification account.  Then you use the
features of that Jabber client to find and register with the legacy IM
network components (aka transports).  Once you have done this, you can
use addresses in the form I've shown you above.

Psi webmaster (http://psi-im.org)
im:hal at jabber.rocks.cc

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