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Alexander Gnauck gnauck at
Tue Sep 12 11:23:58 CDT 2006

> I think the most important thing is getting a system that's 
> fair. At the moment the memberbot method is horribly horribly 
> biased towards the first five candidates: despite being one 
> of the very strongest candidates, I'd be very suprised if 
> Remko (the last candidate,

I don't think so. When you pinged memberbot it gave me all the instructions and a link to the Wiki Pages.
It tells you that you have to vote for 5 persons out of 8. I don't see where this is biased.

I also wondered when memberbot told me: "vote on 5 out of 8",
because i can't remember when we had more than 5 council candidates in the last years. And at the very beginning of the JSF there wasn't the restriction to 5 seats in the council. The 1st and 2nd council had 9 members. So i started a quick chat with stpeter to clarify.

If somebody made a mistake in his votes please contact stpeter to reset your votes and vote again.

If you are with Kevin and say the memberbot voting is biased please let us know. Then we should find another way and vote again. We have enough web programmers here (including myself) to hack a voting script in some minutes. Better to start over now before ist too late.

Just my 0,02 €

Regards Alex

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