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Nolan Eakins sneakin at semanticgap.com
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I was watching a bit of TV tonight and saw one of those cell phone
commercials, Verizon maybe?, in which there's a big group of people
representing "the network" and another ragtag bunch for the competition.
The one I saw had the two front men talking to each other which sparked
bit of an idea on how to educate people about the closed IM networks and

The idea is to have at least two opposing groups, ie: networks. Instead
of the message being "join our network, everyone is on it", the front
men would grasp hands and say something like "welcome to the
Internet/party/whatever". Then it fades out with text saying "XMPP--the
standard way to communicate" or some such.

Thinking about how this could be done I thought of the EuroOSCON that
Peter and Ralph are attending. I'm sure there will be plenty of other
people there who may be pretty easy to form into opposing groups so a
video emulating the commercial could be shot. It could just be a group
that's been divided with the front men wearing Google and Jabber
t-shirts or whatever. When the two front men grasp hands we could even
have the "networks" merge.

Editing may be another issue, but raw materials are a good starting point.

- - Nolan

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