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Fri Aug 3 19:33:07 CDT 2007

OK, the basic information are on my application page, but I can add
some more details to it.

I am (was) working at the University of Bremen (Germany) and I now
have a scholarship to work on my PhD thesis the next 12 month. The
core of my thesis includes secure bot-to-bot communication over
XMPP. Starting on Monday I will spend much of my working time on XMPP
proposals with the focus on XTLS and how to exchange keys,
client-to-client pubsub (see my first posting to the standards list
some time ago) and I will also keep a close look at the social mailing
list (expect to read something from me there soon). ICE-TCP and
related stuff is also very important for me.

To test all this I plan to include an XMPP stack into Freevo
( which gives you the ability to control your
media center over XMPP; schedule recordings while you are at work and
access media files while visiting a friend. A synopses of my thesis is
not public yet, but if you are interested, send me a private mail and
I will give it to you. I may also have a student at the university
doing something with XMPP in his master thesis. We have to figure out
what he wants to do the next days.

I guess that's it. Again, thanks for voting for me.



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