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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Tue Dec 4 20:13:26 CST 2007

Ralph Meijer wrote:
> On Mon, 2007-12-03 at 10:19 -0700, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>> FYI, the FOSDEM folks will have fewer developer rooms this year, and our
>> community is not on the "short list":
>> http://fosdem.org/2008/schedule/devrooms
>> Therefore we need to make alternate plans. That could mean:
>> (1) no devroom at FOSDEM, only a booth
>> (2) host our own devroom but not at the FOSDEM location
>> (3) ?
>> I would prefer to move forward with plans to meet that weekend. If it
>> means we need to meet somewhere else, so be it. Perhaps we could have
>> meetings on Sunday and Monday, leaving Saturday to soak up the
>> atmosphere at FOSDEM.
> As previous years, I've been the contact for arranging these at FOSDEM.
> It wasn't that there were less rooms this year, but they changed the
> assignment process this year. Every year there is very high demand for
> rooms and booths, and only a certain number that they can reasonably
> manage. I think there were twice as many room requests than rooms.
> Where previous years had a first-come-first-serve assignment process,
> this year they went for a subjective selection. As I know they people
> involved, this is a difficult thing to do, and they were sorry for not
> selecting us for a room. 

I don't resent it at all. I realize that it's hard to make these decisions.

> However, we did get a booth assigned.

Yes that't cool.

> Together with a couple of local friends, we have been manning the booth
> for a fair number of years now. We have always enjoyed doing that, even
> though it is exhausting every time. Nevertheless I believe I speak on
> behalf of them as well, that we'd enjoy doing it again this time. There
> has been some discussion on how to use the booth, and I think we should
> really think about it this time.

Agreed. I was at the booth a bit last year and it was fun. I think if
this year we put some more focus into the booth on Saturday, we could
get some good results.

> Besides talking to people that may have questions, we should probably
> have better materials that we can hand out, better presentation (fancy
> banners?), and maybe some swag (t-shirts, 

"I Jabber, Therefore IM" :)

> pins, who knows). I'm also in
> for showing off projects built on top of Jabber, if that is doable.

Yes, that would be cool. Really show people what some of the
possibilities are.

> But, we also should do our own thing. I think we shouldn't go too
> parallel to the FOSDEM thing, but at most one overlapping day. Evenings
> should go to social meet-ups and food. Monday sounds fine by me, though.
> I don't agree that we should limit our gatherings to weekends. This is
> serious stuff and most of us get payed to work on it, right?

I still think:

Saturday -- man the booth, let Jabberites go to other sessions/rooms

Sunday -- Jabber/XMPP session off-site (maybe start at 10/11/12 in the

Monday -- Jabber/XMPP session off-site (9-4 or whatever)


Peter Saint-Andre

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