[Members] WG: [Board] Meeting Minutes, 2007-11-20

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Tue Nov 20 14:16:44 CST 2007

Alexander Gnauck wrote:

> I think we should discuss the interop / compliance topic also here on the
> member list (see below 5.)
> Waiting for your comments and discussions;-)

Thanks, Alex!

> 5. Other Business
> We had some discussion about the interop network / compliance stuff
> * how we will award the little stickers for "XMPP Basic Client 2008"
> compliance?
> * Peters idea is that you cannot be certified unless you participate in the
> interop network.
> * interop testing does not work very well yet. How can we improve the
> interop network and automate account creation.

I'll start a new thread about this because I have one other thread I
want to start, too.


Peter Saint-Andre

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