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Mon Jan 21 16:31:56 CST 2008

On Mon Jan 21 22:01:10 2008, Florian Jensen wrote:
> I have to agree. To me it seems a bit childish, not to give  
> someones real name. The XSF is not a simple Website where you can  
> register under any Nickname, but a Membership application for an  
> organization is something serious.

Whether or not I think you ought to be able to be an anonymous member  
of a corporation, and irregardless of whether this might apply to the  
XSF in particular, my loose understanding of corporate law in most  
jurisdictions is that the members of a corporation are a matter of  
public interest, and are publically available.

In other words, it may not actually matter what opinions we may hold,  
nor what the bylaws may state, but what Delaware law says on the  
issue, and at this stage, I would feel somewhat uncomfortable  
admitting an anonymous member without the board seeking the advice of  
someone qualified to offer same.

For the record, though, I would be against anonymous members being  
accepted, and on this basis, would be against any expenditure to seek  
legal advice.

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