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Mon Jan 21 16:36:12 CST 2008

Dave Cridland wrote:
> On Mon Jan 21 22:01:10 2008, Florian Jensen wrote:
>> I have to agree. To me it seems a bit childish, not to give someones 
>> real name. The XSF is not a simple Website where you can register 
>> under any Nickname, but a Membership application for an organization 
>> is something serious.
> Whether or not I think you ought to be able to be an anonymous member of 
> a corporation, and irregardless of whether this might apply to the XSF 
> in particular, my loose understanding of corporate law in most 
> jurisdictions is that the members of a corporation are a matter of 
> public interest, and are publically available.
> In other words, it may not actually matter what opinions we may hold, 
> nor what the bylaws may state, but what Delaware law says on the issue, 
> and at this stage, I would feel somewhat uncomfortable admitting an 
> anonymous member without the board seeking the advice of someone 
> qualified to offer same.
> For the record, though, I would be against anonymous members being 
> accepted, and on this basis, would be against any expenditure to seek 
> legal advice.

Well, we don't verify the identity of new or existing members at all 
(e.g., via background checks, requiring presentation of a Class 2 X.509 
certificate, or whatever). But in general we tend to have some idea of 
who the person is from incremental disclosure gained via in-person 
conferences, mailing list posts, project check-ins, and the like...


Peter Saint-Andre

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