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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
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Here is a message on the matter from the person in question:


[15:40:04] <solarius at jabber.org> Well, I think now I should write 
something here.

First of all, because of the nature of the Internet, I could put any 
name I want to the application, since they are not checked. So I would 
like to ask, what makes my situation so different?

I would say, that 2 things makes my situation different of normal:

1) Unlike most, I have opportunity to show proof of my identity (passport)

2) I tell it clearly, that Solarius is not my real name by using that 

Then, you could ask me, why? Why I am doing this? My real name will be 
known someday? Yes, my real name cannot be secret forever, I aknowledge 
that. But I think, that one part of the freedom of speech is possibility 
to be anonymous, and I am defending that.

Then, I hear you asking "What are you afraid of?" I am not afraid of 
anything particular, this started when I was _very_ young. If I would go 
online first time today, I would use my own name. But since I have base 
being "Solarius", I really do not see any reason why to change?

And to correct one thing: My name as a name is not a secret at all, and 
I will gladly tell it to you at FOSDEM, but I just don't want to use it 
in the net.

Now, I think I can now ask you a question: What is wrong with a handle? 
Since you don't know all the names real anyway.


BTW and FWIW, I have nothing against Solarius and he (?) seems like a 
fine person who is sincerely interested in contributing to the XMPP 
community. My concern is with the organizational and legal implications 
of accepting anonymous members.


Peter Saint-Andre

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