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Subject: [Board] meeting minutes, 2008-06-03

XSF Board of Directors
Meeting Minutes, 2008-06-03

In attendance:

Alexander Gnauck (Chair)
Jack Moffitt (Board Member)
Mickael Remond (Board Member)
Peter Saint-Andre (Executive Director)

Scribe: Peter Saint-Andre

0. Roll Call

All Board members in attendance, quorum achieved.

1. Interop Network

We need to figure out whether to end this effort or grow it. Consensus
that we'd like to grow it. Discussed better ways to create accounts on
servers. Interim solution may be to allow in-band registration but
whitelist that feature (or all communications) by IP address. In the
long run we'd prefer to use XEP-0158 or XEP-0235 because it will require
less manual configuration of IP addresses. Peter to contact existing
server admins about their services and generate new certificates (the
old ones have expired). Alex to experiment with centralized account
creation on interop.xmpp.org. We also need to figure out how to host
open-source servers such as jabberd14, jabberd2, and Tigase on XSF
machines -- perhaps use virtualization on athena once the IM service is
fully migrated to hermes?

2. Sponsors

Peter to contact several more potential sponsors this week.

3. XMPP Summit

Peter to talk with banner designer and hotels today.


Peter Saint-Andre

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