[Members] XSF membership: what does it mean?

Boyd Fletcher boyd.fletcher at jfcom.mil
Tue Nov 4 19:49:32 CST 2008

I would like to see a more formal process (i.e working groups/committees) to
work some of the more complicated issues like whiteboarding, audio/video,


On 11/4/08 5:51 PM, "Peter Saint-Andre" <stpeter at stpeter.im> wrote:

> Daniel Henninger didn't re-apply for XSF membership:
> http://blathersource.org/blog/archives/75-Why-I-left-the-XSF.html
> I've been commenting at his post, as have a few others.
> The basic confusion is that some folks expect XSF membership to mean
> something -- as in, we have some deeply meaningful conversations on this
> list, plot out the future of XMPP technologies, etc.
> By contrast, I see the membership as something we need in order to
> maintain the XSF as a legal entity. We are a non-profit corporation
> that's defined as a membership organization, so we need members. But we
> don't limit participation to members (or employees of sponsoring
> companies), as too many closed industry consortia do. Instead, all of
> our important work takes place on open mailing lists, chatrooms, and
> sometimes IRL at the XMPP Summit meetings.
> Because XSF members don't really do much *as members*, some people get
> confused. Why isn't there any conversation on the members at xmpp.org list?
> Where is the secret handshake? Etc. But that's not the point of being an
> XSF member.
> We could change that. We could ask XSF members to get more heavily
> involved in website development, running the jabber.org service, doing
> interop testing, marketing, and so on. That would be great, if people
> are interested. But I don't see a strong reason to limit things so that
> only XSF members can help with any of those tasks.
> Folks here may disagree with this approach, which would be fine with me.
> After all, agreement is overrated. :)
> What do you think?
> Peter
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> Peter Saint-Andre
> https://stpeter.im/

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