[Members] XSF membership: what does it mean?

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Wed Nov 5 12:50:35 CST 2008

Boyd Fletcher wrote:
> I would like to see a more formal process (i.e working
> groups/committees) to work some of the more complicated issues like
> whiteboarding, audio/video, etc...

We have dedicated discussion lists and chatrooms for some of these
topics. For example I think that the jingle@, bosh@, and pubsub@ lists
at xmpp.org have resulted in more focused discussion of those topics.
I've also been working hard to provide individual introductions among
all the Jingle developers I know so that they know who they can work
with (comparing notes, sharing experiences, doing interop testing, etc.).

I fail to see how formal working groups will enable us to achieve more
than informal networking, collaboration, and discussion have done.


Peter Saint-Andre

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