[Members] Reviewing Documents.

Remko Tronçon remko at el-tramo.be
Tue Nov 11 05:44:25 CST 2008

> Nobody at all said even as much as "Looks OK", and our only feedback at all
> was Alexey's late comment on XEP-0224.

Looks OK. XEP-0224 isn't exactly rocket science, I think not getting
feedback on this is more of a silent agreement of everyone. Although
it is one of these hip features for the youngsters these days, I don't
think many clients have it high on the priority list to implement it
(although it's only 10 minutes to implement it probably), probably
because current clients don't target these audiences.

> We have no comments whatsoever on XEP-0220, arguably one of the more complex
> and difficult peices of XMPP, and certainly crucial to our infrastructure as
> deployed. There's nothing on XEP-0205, either.

I can't give any valuable (i.e. non-theoretical) feedback on this, but
I agree that these are XEPs that require explicit support from the
implementors. I guess it's the council job to judge whether it is safe
to advance this to draft without support, and if not, poke
implementors to give their feedback or wait until there are enough
implementations around.

I always thought 'last call' meant 'last chance to complain about the
spec'. I didn't realize council was waiting on positive feedback as
well, and that, when in doubt, they asked implementors themselves.
I'll dig up my '+1' mail template, and make use of it for the next last calls.


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