[Members] Promotion: FOSDEM

Florian Jensen admin at flosoft.biz
Wed Nov 26 03:49:35 CST 2008


On 26 Nov 2008, at 09:40, Will Sheward wrote:

> We're planning a bit of XSF promotional activity at FOSDEM next year  
> (http://www.fosdem.org/2009/).
> The usual ideas are being kicked around including XSF T-Shirts, XSF  
> stickers, XSF pens, XSF cuddly toys (OK, I made that last one up)  
> but we've not yet made a decision.
> A question for the membership.
> If you were wandering around FOSDEM, what free gift would make you  
> think "Aha! Those people at the XSF are really fantastic, I must  
> join now!"?

Well, we should have T-shirts for starters. Those AMSN guys took all  
our attention last year :p ... "I think, therefore IM" would be great.  
Another thing that always goes well, are free CDs / books. I think  
that Artur could hand out a few of his Server + Client on a disk  
(Tigase LiveCD).

And we need big banners, as our stand looked minimalistic compared to  
Suse Linux last year.

> Sensible (i.e. cheap) suggestions only please, I don't think we're  
> going to splash out on XSF branded private jets :-)

I want the jet :) I'll pitch in with 10€ :)

> Will.

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