[Members] Promotion: FOSDEM

Alexander Gnauck gnauck at ag-software.de
Wed Nov 26 04:16:29 CST 2008

> If you were wandering around FOSDEM, what free gift would make you think
> "Aha! Those people at the XSF are really fantastic, I must join now!"?

Don't think our goal is that everybody joins the XSF, but look at our
protocol and use XMPP for IM instead of other proprietary protocols and get
ideas how to use XMPP beyond IM.

> Sensible (i.e. cheap) suggestions only please, I don't think we're going
> to splash out on XSF branded private jets :-)

At FOSDEM t-shirts are not free normally, at least I did not get any free
shirts ;-)
So we can sell them for a reasonable price and give away other stuff like
stickers and buttons for free.

Last year people were interested at presentations like Fabio did with
blogging over XMPP.
So we could think about what we can show at our booth this year upfront.
Maybe set up a micro blogging service. Or get the new jabber.org page
running for FOSDEM.


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