[Members] XMPP Logo (was: Re: Promotion: FOSDEM)

jehan jehan at zemarmot.net
Wed Nov 26 07:01:26 CST 2008


> Am 26.11.2008 um 13:20 schrieb Remko Tronçon: 
>> And while we're at these interesting discussions: if we print
>> t-shirts, shouldn't we have a new name? XMPP is too geeky and

Hum... I don't think that's a good idea. We can't change the name every five 
minutes. Let's just say "IM", and it's ok. Now that's what I say myself to 
mean "XMPP". After all, we are the real IM standard. The rest are just 
private social networks, not comparable to the real messaging tool, like you 
won't compare the private message system in forums to the emails. I think 
this idea should mark the spirit. 

Just imagine that you say to someone:
 - "Hey what's your IM address? Mine is jehan at zemarmot dot net."
 - "Which IM? MSN? ICQ?"
 - "No I mean a *real* IM. Don't you have one?" 

Ehehehe.... :-D 

For the logo, that's the same thing. We must not change the "official" logo 
all the time (even if I agree it is not a nice one, but too late, it is 
here). We should change this habit of switching mind, because it is not good 
for the image in my opinion (especially because we lose part of this image 
people have built for years). It was probably already a bad idea to change 
once, so twice... 

But having an animal mascot "on the side" is a great idea. I would love it. 
I will think of this. It could be also some kind of falcon. They can be 
messengers too. But maybe that's too "proud". The pidgeon proposition has 
the advantage of being modest, so I like this. But this is already the 
mascot for the Pidgin software, so I don't think we must use it.
I will think some more. 

>> Jabber has legal implications.
> I thought Cisco said it's ok if we use that name? 
> --
> Jonathan

Not Cisco, but Jabber Inc. yes, so Cisco inherits this: 
By the way, note that I have just noticed that the url 
http://www.jabber.org/trademark/  returns a 404 error. That's recent, 
because I am pretty sure I have seen it not long ago. This should be fixed. 


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