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jehan jehan at zemarmot.net
Wed Nov 26 07:14:01 CST 2008

Florian Jensen writes: 

> One question that still hasn't been answered. Why have a second XMPP  
> server? We have enough problems with the 1 machine. I see no advantage.


we recently discussed on this list the idea of the XSF server being "state 
of the art" in XMPP stuffs. So why not making this on a new server? 

Maybe there could be the "old" jabber.org server with well tested XEPs, as 
it is currently, and the new "xmpp.org" server with all experimental 
modules, last server versions, etc. Isn't it a good idea? Of course, we 
would not ensure the same warranty. The xmpp.org server would be more 
experimental and people using it must be aware of it. If they want "safety" 
with a basic IM use, they would stay on jabber.org. For state of the art 
about IM new features, they would switch to xmpp.org.
And we would progressively bring new features to jabber.org when they have 
been well tested on xmpp.org. 

Of course this would mean that maybe we should keep the same server software 
on both servers, for this to be the most relevant. At the opposite, I liked 
the idea of running another software, because XMPP is also about choice and 
I think we will always find people able to administrate any software (as we 
have developpers from all these softwares in the XSF members, no? And also 
many people who administrate daily XMPP servers). So from the XSF, that 
would be also a good thing. 

Anyway both ideas are technological demonstrations (of choice, of state of 
the art features, etc.). 


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