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Jonathan Siegle jsiegle at psu.edu
Wed Nov 26 07:08:34 CST 2008

jehan said the following on 11/26/08 8:14 AM:
> Florian Jensen writes: 
>> One question that still hasn't been answered. Why have a second XMPP  
>> server? We have enough problems with the 1 machine. I see no advantage.
> Hi, 
> we recently discussed on this list the idea of the XSF server being "state 
> of the art" in XMPP stuffs. So why not making this on a new server? 
> Maybe there could be the "old" jabber.org server with well tested XEPs, as 
> it is currently, and the new "xmpp.org" server with all experimental 
> modules, last server versions, etc. Isn't it a good idea? Of course, we 
> would not ensure the same warranty. The xmpp.org server would be more 
> experimental and people using it must be aware of it. If they want "safety" 
> with a basic IM use, they would stay on jabber.org. For state of the art 
> about IM new features, they would switch to xmpp.org.
> And we would progressively bring new features to jabber.org when they have 
> been well tested on xmpp.org. 
> Of course this would mean that maybe we should keep the same server software 
> on both servers, for this to be the most relevant. At the opposite, I liked 
> the idea of running another software, because XMPP is also about choice and 
> I think we will always find people able to administrate any software (as we 
> have developpers from all these softwares in the XSF members, no? And also 
> many people who administrate daily XMPP servers). So from the XSF, that 
> would be also a good thing. 
Ok understood. So we would have 1 stable server and one 
testing/experimental server. The goal would be to consider new features 
for the production server. I like this model. Actually, I like to go one 
step further. Testing and experimental are different as well. I don't 
think we need that yet.


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