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Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Wed Nov 26 07:19:20 CST 2008

On Wed Nov 26 09:40:31 2008, Will Sheward wrote:
> A question for the membership.

And one for the marketing guy in return.

At the risk of having the piss taken out of me in the office for the  
next year or so for trying to talk as if I understand marketing, what  
exactly is "the message" we're trying to put across?

Is it really, "Those people at the XSF are really fantastic"?

And (as Alex said) is the goal really to encourage XSF membership?

I'd have thought our goal ought to be development and deployment of  
XMPP, at FOSDEM, by encouraging the highly technical audience there  
to engage with the XSF and XMPP community as a whole.

That in turn implies messaging of:

• All the interesting stuff on the internet is turning to XMPP.
• XMPP solves real problems
   · Pubsub, Jingle VOIP, etc.
• The XSF is the place to work on XMPP
   · Doing good and useful work.
   · Has serious expertise.
   · Will lend you a private jet.
   · Will will lend you a private jet.

I see T-Shirts etc helping with the first message, as well as getting  
general interest in both XMPP and the (lesser known) XSF. I suspect  
the sponsors would be delighted to see their cash being used to have  
free T-shirts with their names on, too - they'd be snapped up by  
people if we put sufficiently geeky logos on them. ("I see offline  

I'm not completely sure what we can do to get the rest of the  
messaging across at FOSDEM. Aside from borrowing Will's private jet.  
(He's very jealous of it, hardly ever even admits it exists).

I suspect the best thing we can do is ensure that the people on the  
stand know to stay on-message, but that's a bit weak.

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