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jehan jehan at zemarmot.net
Wed Nov 26 09:09:27 CST 2008


Dirk Meyer writes:
> That reminds me of something else. As a client-developer I have my own
> ejabberd to play with. When developing a client you often behave
> out-of-protocol and having a test server is the best way to code. But I
> would also like to test the PEP modules of other servers, e.g. tegease.
> But setting up a bunch of servers takes a lot of of time for someone who
> does not know the servers. It would be nice to have a testsuite of
> servers configured by people knowing what they do (e.g. the developers)
> and let client developers test against it. They should be
> state-of-the-art and do not need to be 100% stable to test the latest
> features. 
> If there are already test servers by the various server projects, a list
> of them would be great. :) 
> Dirk

I completely absolutely with great force and many nods (so much I might get 
a neck-acke) agree! I am all the time looking for servers to test stuffs. I 
make some tests on the jabber.org, but it is very outdated, so very limited 
for the kind of stuffs I am trying with XMPP. 

I have also my own ejabberd server. It is pretty new, and used only for my 
personal use (and a friend's one) plus all my tests. So I don't really care 
to break it. Still it is some job to administrate it (I am not admin), to 
regularly update, etc. I would prefer to focuse on my development stuffs. 

And when I want to test on other servers, I am told Tigase is great, that 
there is this great new feature developped on such experimental version of 
this or that software, etc. But nowhere to test them! I have already a few 
tests waiting (and the small development related pending for now).
So yeah, having a pool of servers (several different softwares, all state of 
the art) would be so great! This would be great not only for us, but also 
for these projects (I have already reported several bugs to Process One for 
ejabberd... I would be happy to help Tigase by reporting issues if we had 
also access to some open servers).
Maybe xmpp.org could be used for such thing... 


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