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Artur Hefczyc artur.hefczyc at gmail.com
Wed Nov 26 10:05:53 CST 2008

On 26 Nov 2008, at 15:09, jehan wrote:
> Hi,
> Dirk Meyer writes:
>> But setting up a bunch of servers takes a lot of of time for  
>> someone who
>> does not know the servers. It would be nice to have a testsuite of
>> servers configured by people knowing what they do (e.g. the  
>> developers)
>> and let client developers test against it. They should be
>> state-of-the-art and do not need to be 100% stable to test the latest
>> features. Dirk
> And when I want to test on other servers, I am told Tigase is great,  
> that there is this great new feature developped on such experimental  
> version of this or that software, etc. But nowhere to test them! I  
> have already a few tests waiting (and the small development related  
> pending for now).
> Jehan

Well, guys. My impression is that you didn't even tried to find  
The first information on the Tigase website points to a few links.
One of them is 'Tigase XMPP Testing Ground'.

Well maybe this is not obvious what it is. On the other hand it doesn't
cost anything to ask development team about any testing installation.

I guess most people just assume there is 'nowhere to test them' ;-)

Anyway, everybody is welcomed to use the testing service
to run ANY kind of XMPP tests except load tests. I am also open to
any suggestions, I can put more stuff, XEPs there, whatever you wish.

For those who are really interested I can give even some more  
for the website itself, to install more modules or even shell access.
Just ask!

Artur Hefczyc

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