[Members] ToDo list

Curtis King cking at mumbo.ca
Wed Nov 26 12:48:45 CST 2008

On 26-Nov-08, at 10:35 AM, Jonathan Schleifer wrote:

> Am 26.11.2008 um 19:09 schrieb Curtis King:
>> +1.
>> We are already creating interoperability issues because of  
>> jabber.org let's not make it worse by adding the same server on an  
>> other domain for testing.
>> Let's push the use of the interop network instead.
> Where should new features that should later be merged to jabber.org  
> be tested then?

Not on a public XFS promoted server.

Why not do what most other sites do, run a test as needed on ad hoc  
basis ?

Anyhow, a permanent test server doesn't solve most deployment issues,  
as you can never generate the scale or client diversity needed. For  
example, developers tend to use clients off the trunk, yet a large  
number of users tend to use clients a few versions behind.


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