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Nathan Fritz nathanfritz at gmail.com
Wed Nov 26 14:34:34 CST 2008

> And for the features: AFAIK, ejabberd and OpenFire are those with the most
> features.

Depends on what you mean.  Tigase is way ahead of the competition when it
comes to Pubsub features.  Everyone expects a particular server to "come out
on top" or "be the best," but the truth is, with a spec as large and as new
as XMPP (including all of the XEPs), we're not going to have "the Apache of
XMPP."  I don't think it's the XSF's place to endorse a server, and running
more than one of the same server seems to be doing just that.  I guess I
still don't get why we need another deployement anyway.  Isn't this what
"interop" is for?
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