[Members] order of candidates

Alexander Gnauck gnauck at ag-software.de
Wed Sep 3 04:50:44 CDT 2008

> None, really... But I would prefer to have random order myself. It
> seems the most fair order to me.

I also vote for a random ordering.

we had some confusion about council voting 2 years ago, for this reason I
explain the voting process again:

The council is limited to 5 members. So you can vote only "YES" for 5
council applicants and have to vote "NO" for the others. Some members were
not familiar with the council voting process and were confused when
memberbot did not allow to vote also "YES" for applicant 6,7....
So the applicants which memberbot presented at the end were disadvantaged
to voters which were not familiar with the voting process IMHO.

What I normally do if we have more than 5 applicants for council is:
Read all applications on the Wiki and write down the 5 persons I want to
vote in the council. After this I send my votes to memberbot.

We don't have such a policy for board members. We discussed this a bit in
our board meeting yesterday. But I think its to late to make any changes

If you have any questions in the voting period don't hesitate to contact me
by email or IM. I will be offline most of the time next week because of my
summer holidays, but I should have Internet access and check my emails.


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