[Members] memberbot is ready to accept your votes

Edwin Mons jsf at edwinm.ik.nu
Wed Sep 17 01:36:44 CDT 2008

Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> Thanks to Mateusz Biliński (one of our GSoc students for 2008),
> memberbot now randomizes the order of candidates during voting.
> Mateusz has provided his rewritten code to me, and we are now running
> it on apollo.jabber.org. This means you can finally vote on the Board
> and Council candidates. So please send a message to
> memberbot at jabber.org via Jabber to begin the voting process. And
> please report any errors or bugs to me.

When I try to read up on the profiles presented to me by memberbot, and
returned two minutes later, it appears I hit some timeout, and the bot
asked me again if I want to vote by proxy, effectively restarting the
process.  This is completely reproducible, and it restarts the entire
vote every time.


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