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Alessandro Malgaroli alex at bluendo.com
Fri Dec 4 07:43:43 CST 2009

Turns out I'm late (as usual). Been quite busy this week, anyway here's 
a couple of info about me.

My name is Alessandro Malgaroli, I'm 36 years old and live in Torino 

I was accepted as a new XSF member on 24th Novembre. I am one of the 
founders of Bluendo (www.bluendo.com), together with Fabio Forno and 
Luca Tagliaferri.

In the last 10 years I worked mainly with web applications and server 
side projects. Java mostly although I know a good bunch of languages.

I'm currently working on some projects involving the XMPP-based 
middleware we built here in Bluendo on event-driven applications and 
services (not necessary messaging related).

I'm volunteering mainly for infrastructure (first) and technical review 
(second). Though my time slots for some extra work are growing thinner 
every day now...

You can find me at this mail address, on these XMPP addresses:
xmpp:alex at jabber.bluendo.com  (work JID)
xmpp:lmollea at jabber.bluendo.com  (personal JID)

Alessandro Malgaroli
Bluendo srl
mail: alex at bluendo.com
jabber id: alex at jabber.bluendo.com
phone: +39 347 45 15 090

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