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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Wed Dec 16 13:09:19 CST 2009

*** 2009-12-15
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*** 2009-12-16
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[08:28:35] <Nÿco> test
[08:29:16] <Nÿco> test
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[09:08:04] <stpeter> hi Nÿco!
[09:09:46] <Florian_jorg> hey guys
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[09:35:26] <petermount> evening...
[09:37:46] <stpeter> hi!
[09:41:37] <stpeter> gosh, I am in too many chatrooms :)
[09:43:04] <petermount> hehe...
[09:43:20] <stpeter> 15 rooms
[09:43:47] <petermount> ouch, just 4 for me :-S
[09:45:01] <Nÿco> ubiquity if fine on XMPP, besides, you not only show
your avatar, but also your presence ;-)
[09:45:16] <stpeter> :)
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[09:08:10] <stpeter> hi Nÿco!
[09:09:53] <Florian_jorg> hey guys
[09:35:32] <petermount> evening...
[09:37:52] <stpeter> hi!
[09:41:44] <stpeter> gosh, I am in too many chatrooms :)
[09:43:10] <petermount> hehe...
[09:43:26] <stpeter> 15 rooms
[09:43:54] <petermount> ouch, just 4 for me :-S
[09:45:07] <Nÿco> ubiquity if fine on XMPP, besides, you not only show
your avatar, but also your presence ;-)
[09:45:22] <stpeter> :)
[10:30:01] <Nÿco> test
[10:31:42] <petermount> nyco: still working ;-)
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why these messages?
[10:46:48] <psa> probably because jabber.org was restarted
[10:48:15] <Nÿco> ok
[10:48:17] <petermount> ah
[10:48:20] <Nÿco> but...
[10:48:32] <Nÿco> ok
[10:48:35] <Nÿco> ;-)
[10:48:45] <psa> :)
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[10:49:45] <Nÿco> (your account is on jabber.org)
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[10:49:58] <Florian_jorg> yhello
[10:50:00] <Florian_jorg> 10 mins to go
[10:50:47] <Nÿco> ok
[10:54:47] <psa> brb
[10:54:58] <Florian_jorg> Will can't connect to this machine :/
[10:55:05] <Florian_jorg> can we move the meeting to jabber.org?
[10:55:09] <SteffenLarsen> sorry to ask, but is the .ics calendar on
http://xmpp.org/xsf/ updated? I can't see this meeting announced.
[10:56:22] <Nÿco> not, it's not been updated
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[10:57:01] <Will> evening
[10:57:19] <Florian_jorg> ah ...
[10:57:21] <Florian_jorg> it worked :)
[10:57:28] <Will> no - im' google-talking
[10:58:12] <Florian_jorg> ooh
[10:58:18] <Florian_jorg> that's when you know it's bad :D
[10:58:26] <Will> oh yeah
[10:58:30] <petermount> :-S
[10:59:40] <psa> sorry about the calendar
[11:00:24] <Nÿco> no pb
[11:00:32] <Florian_jorg> no pb :)
[11:00:37] <Florian_jorg> so ... I guess just Jack is missing
[11:00:45] <Nÿco> agenda for today: deal with the date and time of next
meeting ;-)
[11:00:46] <SteffenLarsen> psa: its ok, np. It just could be nice to be
prepared.. :-)
[11:01:07] <Will> Nÿco: lolo
[11:01:10] <Will> lol
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[11:01:31] <psa> SteffenLarsen: agreed
[11:01:39] <jack> somehow i missed the room moved :)
[11:01:54] <jack> went back to the email to check that i had the right
time and noticed it :)
[11:02:04] <Florian_jorg> :)
[11:02:04] <Nÿco> ok, so we can start?
[11:02:10] <Florian_jorg> +1 for starting
[11:02:44] <Will> ready here
[11:03:00] <Nÿco> I've drafted this, this could be the agenda (set on
e-mail) http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Board_horizon
[11:03:13] <Will> nothing to add to that agenda
[11:03:37] <Nÿco> is this page ok for you? it can be used like the
council's radar, very helpful, even for non-technical people to follow
[11:03:48] <Florian_jorg> I like it :)
[11:03:53] <jack> +1 from me :)
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a participant
[11:03:56] <Florian_jorg> I'd say we maintain that in the future too
[11:03:57] <Nÿco> copy-paste here:
[11:03:57] <Will> i think its good
[11:03:58] <Nÿco> Here are the current subjects:

    * FOSDEM
    * CommTeam kick-off
    * Other teams
    * Sponsors
[11:04:36] <Will> ok  - fosdem?
[11:04:42] <Will> where are we at?
[11:04:49] <Florian_jorg> we've got a devroom
[11:04:59] <Florian_jorg> do we know what day?
[11:05:01] <psa> yes I like the Horizon page (sorry, I got interrupted IRL)
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[11:05:37] <jack> also, do we know how big the devroom is yet?
[11:05:57] <Nÿco> and if you'll have a strong wifi connection
[11:06:08] <Nÿco> and electricity
[11:06:12] <Florian_jorg> I can provide Internet
[11:06:15] <Nÿco> (don't care about the chairs)
[11:06:15] <Florian_jorg> for the presenters at least
[11:06:29] <Will> the fosdem wifi is usually very overloaded
[11:06:38] <Nÿco> can we draft a FOSDEM10 page on the wiki?
[11:06:45] <Will> Nÿco: we should
[11:06:49] <Nÿco> in order to track down TODOlists?
[11:06:51] <Will> at least as a placeholder
[11:07:02] <Florian_jorg> +1
[11:07:35] <Nÿco> http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/FOSDEM_2010 there it is
(empty, sorry)
[11:07:46] <jack> we should also create the summit8 page or whatever
number this one is :)
[11:07:55] <Florian_jorg> yeah
[11:08:02] <Florian_jorg> but that on the xmpp.org site?
[11:08:10] <Florian_jorg> I updated that last year
[11:08:22] <Nÿco> shouldn't these two pages be the same?
[11:08:28] <Florian_jorg> no
[11:08:32] <jack> no, we need one page to organize ourselves
[11:08:33] <Florian_jorg> FOSDEM != Summit
[11:08:39] <jack> and one page to disseminate information
[11:08:39] <stpeter> we can point the summit page at the wiki for now
[11:08:56] <stpeter> I don't really care, as long as people can find
what they need :)
[11:08:58] <Nÿco> one wiki page for FOSDEM+summit
one web page for summit
[11:09:01] <Will> wiki to organise, xmpp.org to disseminate
[11:09:07] <Nÿco> Will: agree
[11:09:37] <Florian_jorg> +1
[11:10:10] <stpeter> right, so we do the work on wiki.xmpp.org and once
we make decisions we move things to xmpp.org
[11:10:18] <Nÿco> in the wiki page, we must maintain a list of proposed
[11:10:38] <Nÿco> stpeter: that's how I was seeing things
[11:11:06] <Nÿco> how many presentations? how long should it last?
do we include lightning talks?
[11:11:11] <SteffenLarsen> my opion: why not expose that we will make a
xmpp summit at fosdem on the xmpp.org page?. It can nowhere be found
that we will be at fosdem.
[11:11:55] <Will> SteffenLarsen: we should announce on the blog at least
[11:12:29] <Nÿco> Will: of course, we should plan this blog-post not too
early, or else people will forget, and we'll not be prepared enough
[11:12:32] <SteffenLarsen> Will: true
[11:12:37] <jack> my suggestion would be to do 30 minute presentations
but start with first 30-60 minutes of lightning talks
[11:12:49] <stpeter> +1 to lightning talks!!
[11:12:56] <Nÿco> Will: would you write that blog post? I can help
review ;-)
[11:12:57] <stpeter> Nÿco: I think we have the room for half a day
[11:13:06] <stpeter> Ralph can confirm
[11:13:10] <Will> Nÿco: we should do the blog post as soon as we can so
people can mark the day in their calendars
[11:13:22] <Florian_jorg> and get Hotels booked
[11:13:30] <Will> Nÿco: ok - i'll write, you review
[11:13:50] <jack> nyco: that's why you write multiple blog posts :)
[11:14:04] <Nÿco> Will: ok, so then a short blog post now announcing our
presence and the event, and another one, longer, detailing the program,
not too far before the d day
[11:14:05] <jack> just have to make a mental note to remind people
[11:14:29] <Will> Nÿco: i think many others - each time we confirm a
speaker we should 'announce'
[11:14:37] <stpeter> jack: we should have a steady drumbeat of blog posts
[11:14:44] <stpeter> jack: are you going to FOSDEM?
[11:14:56] <jack> unelss something terrible happens, yes :)
[11:15:09] <stpeter> ok
[11:15:14] <stpeter> I haven't decided yet :|
[11:15:16] <stpeter> anyway
[11:15:24] <jack> just think about the ribs
[11:15:28] <stpeter> haha
[11:15:29] <stpeter> yeah
[11:15:30] <Florian_jorg> speaking or Ribs
[11:15:37] <Florian_jorg> I was thinking of having the dinner there :)
[11:15:41] <jack> damn you :)
[11:15:44] <jack> oh
[11:15:46] <Will> kebab
[11:15:49] <jack> THE dinner, not your dinner tonight
[11:15:55] <stpeter> ok
[11:15:57] <Will> :-)
[11:16:04] <stpeter> Florian_jorg: any progress on hotels?
[11:16:07] <jack> did they have anything vegetarian?
[11:16:11] <Florian_jorg> just came back this week
[11:16:15] <Florian_jorg> I've been looking at Novotel
[11:16:16] *stpeter still can't believe that Florian didn't know about
that restaurant
[11:16:16] <Will> jack: rice
[11:16:23] <stpeter> Florian_jorg: ok thanks
[11:16:26] <Florian_jorg> it's between the Grand Place and the Beer place :)
[11:16:32] <Florian_jorg> shouldn't be too expensive
[11:16:37] <Florian_jorg> but it's good from what I hear
[11:16:54] <SteffenLarsen> Florian_jorg: which one of them? (beer places)
[11:16:54] <Florian_jorg> I think Atlas might be too small
[11:16:58] <stpeter> Florian_jorg: I think so
[11:17:02] <stpeter> I like the Atlas, but it is small
[11:17:06] <stpeter> especially the meeting room
[11:17:09] <Florian_jorg> right
[11:17:12] <Florian_jorg> that's what I thought
[11:17:16] <stpeter> it was good in the old days
[11:17:20] <Florian_jorg> yeah
[11:17:24] <stpeter> when we had only a dozen people
[11:17:43] <Florian_jorg> yeah
[11:17:59] <Florian_jorg> so the Hotel is wip :)
[11:18:11] <Florian_jorg> I am working with a number of 40 people
[11:18:21] <Will> i think thats about the right number
[11:18:50] <stpeter> seems good
[11:18:55] <Florian_jorg> and for the dinner, the rib place :)
[11:19:10] <Florian_jorg> which is opposite of the hotel :)
[11:19:52] <jack> i love hte rib place. my only concern is if the menu
is broad enough for people who aren't eating ribs :)
[11:20:03] <stpeter> jack: it isn't
[11:20:09] <stpeter> what other topics?
[11:20:12] <jack> how many vegetarians did we have at the last dinner in
[11:21:03] <Florian_jorg> 4 or 6
[11:21:07] <Florian_jorg> about 10%
[11:21:28] <Florian_jorg> I'm also looking at Chez Vincent
[11:21:28] <jack> so that probably means rib place is a bad choice, or
at least for the main dinner with everyone
[11:21:31] <stpeter> jack: well the ribs place was not for the official
dinner, that was for the post-conference thing
[11:21:32] <Florian_jorg> a traditional belgian restaurant
[11:21:40] <stpeter> jack: it is, plus it's too small for that
[11:22:27] <Florian_jorg> but yeah, that's also going forward :)
[11:22:32] <stpeter> great
[11:22:41] <Nÿco> guys, you make me hungry...
[11:22:48] <stpeter> haha
[11:22:48] <Will> :-)
[11:22:49] <stpeter> ok
[11:22:53] <stpeter> so let's finish up the meeting
[11:22:58] <petermount> nyco: same here
[11:22:58] <stpeter> then you guys can have dinner :)
[11:23:11] <Will> peter's in a hurry i think
[11:23:24] <Will> So, commteam stuff?
[11:23:25] <stpeter> I'm not, but you are
[11:23:26] <stpeter> yes
[11:23:44] <Nÿco> what more do we have to talk about FOSDEM?
[11:23:57] <Will> Nÿco: nothing for now i think
[11:23:58] <Nÿco> ok
[11:24:27] <Will> so - from me - website update......
[11:24:28] <Nÿco> well then commteam's kickoff  is not a huge success,
but it's staring surely
[11:24:29] <stpeter> do we need more help on the communication team?
[11:24:45] <stpeter> Nÿco: yes, all the teams are starting a bit slowly,
but that is fine
[11:25:05] *stpeter can report on the other teams after we discuss the
[11:25:08] <jack> better a slow start and steady than a fast one that
drops to 0
[11:25:15] <stpeter> jack: +1
[11:25:25] <Florian_jorg> +1
[11:26:34] <Will> +1
[11:26:37] <stpeter> note that the minutes are at
[11:26:43] <Will> in the commteam meeting i talked briefly about the
xmpp.org site update......
[11:27:16] <Will> i had taken last friday as holiday to work on it but
family issues prevented me making any progress, i have now taken *this*
friday as holiday....
[11:27:24] <Will> and will post on progress afterwards.
[11:27:37] <stpeter> ok
[11:27:48] <stpeter> a set of tasks would help, as you mentioned
[11:27:53] <stpeter> so that we can divide and conquer
[11:28:06] <Will> yes, that is priority number 1
[11:28:40] <Will> we also discussed more blog posts but didn't decide
who would be responsible for them :-)
[11:28:46] <stpeter> yeah
[11:29:15] <Will> actually looking at the minutes we 'discussed' lots
but came to few conclusions
[11:29:16] <stpeter> it should be a bit easier if we split up the
blogging and have shorter posts
[11:29:35] <stpeter> e.g., a brief blog post when we issue a Last Call
for comments on a XEP
[11:29:39] <stpeter> that kind of thing
[11:30:00] <Will> perhaps the monthly roundups (which are long) could
beceom shorter weekly ones?
[11:30:15] <stpeter> shorter is good, I think
[11:30:19] <Nÿco> agree
[11:30:22] <Will> i agree
[11:30:35] <stpeter> when I started the Jabber Journal years ago I
intended it to be weekly
[11:30:40] <stpeter> that is not easy to maintain :)
[11:30:43] <Nÿco> http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Roundup see its size...
[11:30:44] <Will> but this requires us to be more proactive in making
this happen - we cannot expect nyco/peter to do everything on blog
[11:30:58] <Nÿco> stpeter: can you split the spec part?
[11:31:06] <stpeter> Will: right, everyone on the commteam can have
privs to contribute
[11:31:28] <Nÿco> Will: yes, right, monthly is ok for me (well, almost),
but weekly, I would need help
[11:31:31] <stpeter> Nÿco: sure, maybe it's better to split up the
Roundup -- we can reports about software, about specs, about services,
etc. (?)
[11:31:37] <Nÿco> ok
[11:31:40] <stpeter> can +have
[11:31:44] <Nÿco> sounds fine to (and intuitive)
[11:31:48] <Will> stpeter: yes and have one or two people who can
approve the content at the end of each week.
[11:31:56] <stpeter> Will: sure
[11:32:09] <stpeter> so we'll poke all the commteam members about blog
[11:32:14] <Nÿco> ok, we have reached a decision here?
[11:32:24] <Will> ! I think we have !
[11:32:33] <stpeter> (BTW, I expect that the blog will be folded into
the main site once we switch to WordPress)
[11:32:54] <Nÿco> about the non-decisions of commteam, it was intended
that we brainstorm only, but anyway we have reached agreements
[11:32:55] <Florian_jorg> +1 for that
[11:33:04] <stpeter> Nÿco: right
[11:33:17] <Nÿco> stpeter: what do you mean folded?
[11:33:19] <stpeter> Nÿco: and we threw out whitepapers for now, which
is good -- they are more work :)
[11:33:20] <Will> Nÿco: yes
[11:34:02] <stpeter> Nÿco: by "folded" I mean that http://xmpp.org/ will
have the blog posts and that we'll redirect the old
http://blog.xmpp.org/ to xmpp.org
[11:34:12] <Nÿco> stpeter: for whitepapers... unless we got people
working on them seriously, I mean professionnally (hint: get paid for this?)
[11:34:18] <stpeter> so the xmpp.org homepage will be more dynamic
[11:34:24] <Nÿco> stpeter: ok
[11:34:41] <stpeter> Nÿco: I have a bunch of whitepapers that I could
re-use from the old JINC days, but I haven't found time to work on those yet
[11:34:48] <stpeter> BUT
[11:34:52] <stpeter> let's talk about that some other time :)
[11:35:02] <stpeter> are we done with the communication team?
[11:35:09] <Florian_jorg> think so
[11:35:11] <stpeter> ok
[11:35:18] <Will> ok
[11:35:19] <Nÿco> another idea? the website could have a small area
reflecting the real-time space of the web, talking about XMPP (hint: a
Collecta search result?)
[11:35:41] <Will> Nÿco: i like that idea (i'm sure Jack will as well)
[11:35:41] <stpeter> Nÿco: cool, yeah
[11:35:47] <stpeter> real time is good :)
[11:35:47] <Nÿco> commteam: still the podcasts
[11:35:55] <stpeter> a content ticker
[11:35:58] <stpeter> Nÿco: yes
[11:36:08] <stpeter> Nÿco: I have no good ideas about podcasts
[11:36:12] <Nÿco> we've talked on the list about the quality
[11:36:14] <stpeter> I think the most interesting podcasts are interviews
[11:36:24] <Nÿco> yes, or unformal talks
[11:36:27] <Will> podcasts: we could do video podcasts of the fosdem talks
[11:36:31] <Florian_jorg> indeed
[11:36:34] <Nÿco> cool!
[11:36:38] <stpeter> e.g., interviews with people like Simon of
BuddyCloud, Jack about his new book, etc.
[11:36:49] <Florian_jorg> +1 for that
[11:36:56] <stpeter> by "interview" I mean more like an informal chat,
[11:37:01] <Nÿco> ok
[11:37:07] <stpeter> to give people an idea of what's being done with XMPP
[11:37:27] <Nÿco> yes, sometimes a big fat blog-post is not enough
[11:37:42] *stpeter nods
[11:37:49] <stpeter> and some people don't like to read all that text :)
[11:38:01] <jack> having content in multiple formats is quite helpful
[11:38:05] <stpeter> jack: yes
[11:38:07] <jack> not everyone likes to read on the screen :)
[11:38:47] <stpeter> I like the idea of the real-time content feed
[11:38:48] <stpeter> ok
[11:38:49] <stpeter> I'll report on that other two teams, but briefly :)
[11:39:03] <stpeter> the infrastructure team has lots of helpers now :)
[11:39:09] <stpeter> we've fixed up DNS
[11:39:24] <stpeter> and we'll start working on some real-time stuff in
[11:39:25] <Florian_jorg> fixing up :)
[11:39:27] <stpeter> e.g., bots and such
[11:39:39] <stpeter> so that these meetings are announced automatically
via IM
[11:39:49] <stpeter> also for things like XEP changes and whatever
[11:39:54] <stpeter> to make xmpp.org more real time :)
[11:40:20] <stpeter> in January we'll have have an "iteam" meeting to
jump-start these activities
[11:40:36] <stpeter> for the techreview team, we're going to complete
reviews of some of the big specs
[11:40:43] <stpeter> starting with Multi-User Chat
[11:40:59] <stpeter> so we'll collaborate on those
[11:41:02] <Nÿco> a big xep for the start of the team?
[11:41:04] <stpeter> they are too big for one person to review
[11:41:25] <Nÿco> does the reviewteam needs the commteam for
[11:41:33] <stpeter> Nÿco: I think the smaller specs are easier for one
person to review -- we'll do those during Last Call for now, I think
[11:41:42] <stpeter> Nÿco: yes it would be good to coordinate on those
[11:41:49] <Nÿco> ok
[11:41:52] <Nÿco> I see the picture
[11:41:55] <Nÿco> good
[11:42:05] <stpeter> we also really need to build out the pages at
[11:42:17] <stpeter> because it's not nice to send developers to the
XEPs right away, they are scary :)
[11:42:24] <Will> lol
[11:42:36] <Will> but we're trying to make them less scary
[11:42:45] <Will> that was one of the commteam discussion points
[11:42:47] <stpeter> it's like the difference between Python docs and
the PEPs at python.org
[11:42:55] <stpeter> no one reads the PEPs
[11:42:57] <stpeter> they read the docs
[11:43:38] <stpeter> anyway
[11:43:56] <stpeter> we'll start working on that in January
[11:44:07] <stpeter> so that's it on the teams, I think
[11:44:13] <Florian_jorg> think so
[11:44:20] <Florian_jorg> Sponsors next?
[11:44:34] <stpeter> yeah :|
[11:44:39] <stpeter> I don't have anything to report there
[11:44:42] <stpeter> but we need to get organized
[11:44:48] <stpeter> or we'll run out of money eventually :)
[11:44:57] <Florian_jorg> :)
[11:45:14] <Florian_jorg> once I get the restaurant set, i'll start
bugging people for money
[11:45:19] <Florian_jorg> for the dinner
[11:45:19] <Will> we should brainstorm sponsor benefits and sponsor
targets on the board mailing list ..... soon
[11:45:28] <Florian_jorg> yep
[11:45:32] <SteffenLarsen> can I ask of something?.. what is the
smallest amount to donate and where is these amounts found on the homepage?
[11:45:34] <stpeter> one question: should we try to get sponsors for events?
[11:45:43] <stpeter> SteffenLarsen: sure, questions are welcome
[11:45:53] <Florian_jorg> stpeter: yes, we should
[11:45:55] <Will> SteffenLarsen: we have no real answer at the moment.
[11:45:58] <stpeter> SteffenLarsen: we've never tried to get donations
from real people, only companies
[11:46:06] <SteffenLarsen> Will: ha ha.. ok.. I was just wondering
[11:46:21] <stpeter> http://xmpp.org/xsf/sponsors/join.shtml is the
closest we have
[11:46:32] <stpeter> but the PDF there is not really the best
advertisement for the XSF
[11:46:39] <stpeter> we could do much better
[11:46:41] <SteffenLarsen> stpeter: yeah I know.. But still I am in a
wonder.. I might know some companies that might donate
[11:46:45] <Will> we've discussed defining what the 'package' for
sponsors is and the cost (or different cost levels) but so far come to
no conclusion
[11:46:51] <stpeter> we don't spend a lot of money, so we've never tried
to raise a lot of money
[11:47:12] <stpeter> mostly we're still living off the money Google sent
us years ago, plus smaller contributions since then
[11:47:27] <Florian_jorg> can we ask them for some more?
[11:47:31] <stpeter> maybe I can get Cisco to contribute, I need to
follow up on that :)
[11:47:31] <Nÿco> what about that search widget on xmpp.org that could
generate an automatic small amount of money monthly?
[11:47:32] <Will> stpeter: but it would be nice one year to get to the
situation where we could subsidize hotel rooms etc.
[11:47:39] <Florian_jorg> we should discuss this on the list
[11:47:40] <SteffenLarsen> stpeter: ahh now I see it.. It was just
hidden on the page.. ;-)
[11:47:44] <stpeter> Nÿco: sure
[11:47:54] <Will> i like search widget idea
[11:48:04] <stpeter> T-12 minutes
[11:48:16] <Will> we already have a google analytics account yes? we can
set up search/adsense from that
[11:48:37] <Nÿco> not sure how these work...
[11:49:16] <Will> we just need google custom search integrated i think
[11:49:24] <Will> i'll experiment with stage.xmpp
[11:49:37] <stpeter> Will: ok thanks
[11:49:41] <Florian_jorg> cool
[11:50:10] <stpeter> BTW let's try to decide on the date of the next
meeting farther in advance :)
[11:50:18] <Florian_jorg> next wednesday
[11:50:20] <Nÿco> YES
[11:50:20] <Florian_jorg> same time
[11:50:22] <Nÿco> ok
[11:50:41] <Will> good for me
[11:50:49] <stpeter> BTW I won't be working the week of December 28
[11:50:55] <stpeter> but next Wednesday is fine with me
[11:51:04] <Florian_jorg> great
[11:51:09] <stpeter> so I'll add it to the calendar
[11:51:09] <Florian_jorg> so that's all set then
[11:51:26] <Nÿco> let's not bug stpeter each time we got to update the
iCal, who can we ask to update it?
[11:51:28] <jack> that should work for me
[11:51:29] <stpeter> same time?
[11:51:33] <jack> same time is fine
[11:51:35] <stpeter> ok
[11:51:36] <Florian_jorg> +1
[11:51:41] <stpeter> Nÿco: anyone with SVN access can do it
[11:52:06] <Nÿco> Florian_jorg has a "+1" key on his keyboard: what
brand/layout is it? ;-)
[11:52:15] <Florian_jorg> +1
[11:52:15] <Florian_jorg> :p
[11:52:18] <Nÿco> ;-)
[11:52:18] <stpeter> but it's easy to update :)
[11:52:24] <Florian_jorg> it's a P1 keyboard
[11:52:49] <Nÿco> finished?
[11:52:55] <Will> ...one more item.....
[11:52:59] <Florian_jorg> oh?
[11:53:01] <Nÿco> ok?
[11:53:05] <Will> we don't have a chairman yet
[11:53:09] <Florian_jorg> oh right
[11:53:17] <Florian_jorg> so how do we do taht
[11:53:18] <Florian_jorg> *that
[11:53:19] <Nÿco> thx Will for applying to it
[11:53:21] <Nÿco> ;-)
[11:53:25] <Will> I nominate Jack
[11:53:25] <stpeter> haha
[11:53:27] <Nÿco> a vote?
[11:53:35] <Florian_jorg> who wants to be?
[11:53:48] <stpeter> xsf/board/events.xml created in SVN
[11:53:54] <Nÿco> do we have something in the bylaws about it? (don't
know it by heart)
[11:54:09] <Florian_jorg> It's up to us to nominate someone
[11:54:10] <stpeter> Nÿco: yes, the Board elects the Chair based on
majority vote / consensus
[11:54:15] <Will> even if anyone wanted to vote for me (and I don't) an
person already chairs the council.
[11:54:25] <Will> an isode person...
[11:54:28] <Will> i meant
[11:54:51] <stpeter> well
[11:54:55] <stpeter> just a minute :)
[11:54:55] <Florian_jorg> so, Jack, would you be up for it?
[11:55:00] <Nÿco> I guess that is fine, as long as the members have
elected both the council and the board
[11:55:02] <stpeter> the Bylaws state:

Section 5.2 Annual Meetings. The Board of Directors shall hold an annual
meeting at such time and place as the Board of Directors shall
determine. At each annual meeting, the Board of Directors shall elect
officers and shall conduct such other business as may properly come
before it.

[11:55:22] <Will> oh . so we need to declare this an annual meeting first?
[11:55:37] <stpeter> and:

Section 6.1 Number and Qualifications. The officers of the Corporation
shall consist of the following: (a) a Chair, (b) an Executive Director,
(c) a Secretary, and (d) a Treasurer.

[11:55:39] <stpeter> so it seems :)
[11:55:47] <stpeter> I was thinking about that a while ago
[11:55:53] <stpeter> but I forgot :)
[11:56:01] <Will> so many rules
[11:56:03] <stpeter> right now none of the officers are named :)
[11:56:04] <stpeter> well
[11:56:06] <stpeter> sorry :)
[11:56:17] <stpeter> so I think the Board should hold its annual meeting
in January
[11:56:18] <Florian_jorg> ok ... who's up for ED?
[11:56:20] <Florian_jorg> stpeter?
[11:56:22] <Will> our bylaws are longer than our members list.
[11:56:45] <stpeter> at that time the Board can decide who will serve as
Chair, Executive Director, Secretary, and Treasurer
[11:56:57] <Florian_jorg> hmm
[11:56:57] <stpeter> Will: sorry, I did not write them, some lawyers did
back in 2001
[11:57:01] <jack> that works for me
[11:57:06] <Will> lawyers - grrrrr
[11:57:19] <stpeter> IMHO it's good for the Board to get to know each
other a bit before electing officers
[11:57:25] <stpeter> instead of doing that at its first meeting
[11:57:57] <stpeter> and no I don't like all the rules either, but
following the rules is what enables us to maintain our existence as a
legal entity
[11:58:06] <Will> but i don't want to know any of you any better than i
already do ;-)
[11:58:09] <stpeter> haha
[11:58:15] <Florian_jorg> lol
[11:58:17] <stpeter> T-2 minutes
[11:58:22] <stpeter> we can discuss more next week
[11:58:29] <stpeter> other suggestions are welcome
[11:58:44] <Will> ok - so next week id the annual meeting?
[11:58:47] <Will> is
[11:58:51] <Florian_jorg> +1 for that
[11:59:15] <stpeter> it's up to the Board :)
[11:59:19] <stpeter> I'm not on the Board
[11:59:28] <Will> +1 for annual meeting next week
[11:59:57] <jack> +1
[12:00:23] <stpeter> haha
[12:00:25] <stpeter> I found another rule :)
[12:00:30] <Will> danmn
[12:00:40] <stpeter>
Section 5.5 Notice of Meeting. Not less than ten (10) days' written
notice of the annual meeting of the Board of Directors, excluding the
day of the meeting, shall be given to all Directors. Said notice shall
include proposed agenda items, but the failure to include an agenda item
in the notice shall not prevent action from being taken with respect to
such item. Notice of a meeting at which an amendment to the Certificate
of Incorporation of the Corporation will be proposed must contain the
substance of the proposed amendment.

[12:00:52] <Will> f**k
[12:01:03] <stpeter> these rules were written for the days when people
had to fly to meetings in person, I think
[12:01:13] <jack> how about jan 6? 18UTC?
[12:01:29] <jack> (and meeting next week just isn't hte annual one)
[12:01:29] <Florian_jorg> ok
[12:01:34] <stpeter> of course it also says:

Not less than three (3) days' written notice of a regular or special
meeting of the Board of Directors, excluding the day of the meeting,
shall be given to all Directors.

[12:01:39] <stpeter> and we violate that all the time )
[12:01:52] <stpeter> jack: sure
[12:02:08] <Nÿco> ok for 6th jan
[12:02:15] <Will> +1 for 6th
[12:02:21] <Florian_jorg> +1 for 6th
[12:02:32] <Will> can we go home now?
[12:02:39] <stpeter> ok I'll add that to events.xml too, after I consult
with Tobias
[12:03:00] <Nÿco> ok, thx
[12:03:21] <jack> ok. bye all. have to run before my stomach eats me
[12:03:25] <Nÿco> and announce on the list
[12:03:33] <Nÿco> good appetite
[12:03:41] <Florian_jorg> bon appetit :)
[12:03:56] <Will> volunteers for minutes?
[12:04:24] *** SteffenLarsen (zooldk at gmail.com/McBuk472C3417) has left
the room
[12:04:32] <Will> volunteers for minutes not called Will ..... please?
[12:04:37] <Florian_jorg> *tumbleweed*
[12:04:48] <Will> ok - i'll do the minutes
[12:04:56] <Florian_jorg> thx Will :)
[12:04:58] <stpeter> thanks guys
[12:05:05] <stpeter> annual meeting added to the calendar
[12:05:11] <stpeter> see you next week, if not before
[12:05:33] <Florian_jorg> great
[12:05:36] <Florian_jorg> thanks everyone :)
[12:05:38] <Will> bye
[12:06:09] <Florian_jorg> bye
[12:06:13] *** Will (will.sheward at gmail.com/Burton059C92D6) has left the
[12:06:24] *** Florian_jorg (flosoft at jabber.org/homer) has left the room
[12:08:12] <Nÿco> thx all, bye
[12:08:39] <stpeter> I'll send this chat log to the members at xmpp.org list

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