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FYI, thanks to Will for the minutes!

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Minutes of the XSF Board Meeting on 2009-12-16.


Peter St.Andre
Florian Jensen (Board)
Jack Moffit (Board)
Peter Mount
Steven Parkes
Will Sheward (Board)
Nicolas Vérité (Board)


1. FOSDEM progress
2. CommTeam kick-off meeting
3. Other XSF teams
4. Sponsors
5. AOB


It was confirmed that the XSF have a booked devroom for FOSDEM. Size of
room and status of internet connection to be confirmed. It was noted
that internet access at FOSDEM is usually overloaded.

It was decided to use a page on wiki.xmpp.org to organise FOSDEM
activities and disseminate information to the membership via posts on
xmpp.org.The Hotel for the XSF Summit and the location for the XSF
dinner are still to be decided.

2. CommTeam

The kick-off commteam meeting was judged to be a good start. A review of
the current state of the 'stage.xmpp.org' website is in progress.
CommTeam assistance with more/frequent blog posts was discussed and will
be raised with the team. Podcasts of FOSDEM talks and interviews were
discussed as other content ideas for the blog.

3. Other XSF Teams

Both infrastructure and techreview team work items were discussed with
more meetings due in January. Work items include real-time content feed,
spec reviews and xmpp.org/tech/ pages.

4. Sponsors

The sponsor benefit/cost package is not yet defined, discussion on this
moved to the Board mailing list. Current information for sponsors is out
of date and needs to be made current asap.

5. Any Other business

The XSF Board does not currently have elected officers. Elected officers
need to be appointed at an annual meeting of the Board. That meeting
will be scheduled for January 2010.

Next Board meeting scheduled for the same time on Dec 23rd.

Meeting End.

Peter Saint-Andre

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