[Members] board chat log, 2009-12-23

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Wed Dec 23 12:56:57 CST 2009

*** 2009-12-23
[10:11:42] *** The topic has been set to: XSF Board Room
[10:12:06] <Nÿco> has Jack changed his JID?
[10:12:16] <stpeter> I think so
[10:12:25] <stpeter> isn't the meeting in 48 minutes?
[10:17:23] <Nÿco> I think so...
[10:17:26] <stpeter> ok :)
[10:49:54] *** Will (will.sheward at isode.com/HERMANN) has joined the room
as a participant
[10:49:58] <Will> hi
[10:49:58] *** waqas (waqas at jaim.at/Miranda) has left the room (Kicked:
[10:50:39] <Nÿco> hi Will
[10:56:59] <stpeter> hmm
[10:57:15] <stpeter> Tobias: it seems that this meeting did not appear
in the XSF calendar
[10:57:58] <Nÿco> stpeter: I have it
[10:58:03] <Tobias> wel..my calendar shows 19:00 board meeting
[10:58:04] <stpeter> hmm
[10:58:10] <stpeter> oh
[10:58:11] <stpeter> it's there
[10:58:13] <stpeter> but no alarm
[10:58:18] <stpeter> maybe I messed that up :)
[10:58:46] <Tobias> yeah..no alarm set up
[11:00:54] <stpeter> my fault, then
[11:01:07] <Will> we'll forgive you - but only this time
[11:02:07] <stpeter> fixed
[11:03:17] <stpeter> BTW I chatted with Jack 15 minutes ago so I think
he should be here
[11:03:22] *stpeter pings him
[11:03:31] *** jack (jack at metajack.im/cactus) has joined the room as a
[11:03:33] <Nÿco> time to start... but Florain is offline, and I fail to
have Jack's presence, so not quorum
[11:03:40] <jack> hi
[11:03:41] <Nÿco> cool ;-)
[11:03:53] <Will> phew
[11:03:53] <Nÿco> jack: have you changed you JID?
[11:04:00] <Nÿco> s/you/your/
[11:04:01] <jack> yes. jack at metajack.im
[11:04:05] <jack> chesspark exists no longer
[11:04:05] <Nÿco> ok, thx
[11:04:10] <Nÿco> I guess so
[11:04:29] <Nÿco> a question aside of the meeting: will chess.com reuse
the existing XMPP backend?
[11:05:09] <jack> no
[11:05:14] <Nÿco> :'(
[11:05:25] <stpeter> ah, that's a shame
[11:06:34] <Nÿco> ok, shall we start? have we got an agenda? should
reuse the lastest meeting minutes? can we add the wikipedia issue?
[11:06:46] *** petermount (peter at retep.org/amy2BCF9832) has joined the
room as a participant
[11:07:02] <Will> is wikipedia really an issue - thought we had a
copy/paste workaround
[11:07:19] <jack> yes, let's start
[11:07:25] <jack> we cna start with wikipedia
[11:07:31] <stpeter> sure
[11:07:39] <jack> but i don't think there is anything to do there, but
move those things to our own wiki
[11:07:45] <stpeter> so it seems
[11:07:48] *** Jehan (jehan at zemarmot.net/Gajim) has joined the room as a
[11:08:06] <stpeter> http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Special:RecentChanges :P
[11:08:07] <Nÿco> hi Jehan
[11:08:13] <stpeter> I'll work on this in my idle time over the holidays
[11:08:18] <Nÿco> we also have the relicensing issue...
[11:08:19] <Jehan> Hello.
[11:08:23] <stpeter> it's fairly mindless work to copy things over
[11:08:44] <Nÿco> Jehan: where are you in the world?
[11:09:07] <stpeter> Nÿco: I changed the license at wiki.xmpp.org (I
think I was the only person who cared about public domain) and at the
bottom of each page that we copy over from Wikipedia I have added a note
[11:09:18] <Jehan> In Japan right now Nÿco.
[11:09:33] <stpeter> I think the Wikipedia content is not all that good,
so we can make many improvements
[11:09:47] <jack> agreed
[11:09:50] <Nÿco> stpeter: but we have not asked for our contributors,
nor the copied pages contributors
[11:10:24] <stpeter> we don't need to ask the contributors to the copied
pages -- CC-BY-SA just says share alike and give attribution, not notify
[11:10:46] <Nÿco> the switch from PD to CC
[11:10:48] <Nÿco> ?
[11:10:55] <stpeter> what about it?
[11:10:58] <stpeter> does anyone care?
[11:11:00] <petermount> stpeter & nyco: also wikipedia do make db dumps
available to download hence no notify
[11:11:16] <Will> good point
[11:11:17] <Jehan> Why did you have to switch from Public Domain? :-/
[11:11:22] <Nÿco> the copy is OK, obviously, I'm not talking about that
[11:11:29] <Jehan> Public domain is cool, no?
[11:11:29] <stpeter> Nÿco: we have a pressing issue here, which is that
Wikipedia is removing a lot of content related to XMPP!
[11:11:43] <stpeter> Jehan: I love PD, but we needed to switch so that
we could copy content from Wikipedia
[11:11:48] <stpeter> either that or we rewrite it all
[11:11:50] <Nÿco> I unerstand that
[11:11:54] <petermount> jehan: technically theres no such thing as pd in
europe :-S
[11:12:17] <Jehan> Ok petermount.
[11:12:27] <stpeter> and given that I am the ONLY PERSON who has been
working on this -- see http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Special:RecentChanges --
I don't really think that people have a great interest in saving this
[11:12:37] <stpeter> but at least I am trying
[11:12:40] <Jehan> :-)
[11:12:44] <stpeter> and everyone else is too busy
[11:12:47] <stpeter> and that's fine
[11:12:53] <stpeter> but don't complain if you don't want to do the work!!!
[11:13:00] <stpeter> that's my attitude
[11:13:00] <Jehan> lol
[11:13:02] <petermount> there was one user but not seen him in jdev
since last week -& i've not had time :-S
[11:13:24] <Jehan> And sorry to look to be the only one not knowing the
affair: why is Wikipedia removing XMPP related content?
[11:13:28] <stpeter> peope spend more time writing stupid emails to the
list about PD vs CC and all that garbage
[11:13:33] <stpeter> Jehan: because they are insane
[11:13:39] <jack> they ahve a notability requirement
[11:13:39] <stpeter> absolutely, positively insane
[11:13:42] <stpeter> moving on now?
[11:13:46] <jack> so lists of random software does not cut it
[11:13:53] <Will> moving on
[11:13:55] <jack> unless mainstream press writes about it, it's not notable
[11:13:59] <stpeter> in the time we've been discussing this people could
have moved over a few more pages
[11:14:01] <Jehan> Ok.
[11:14:05] <Will> back away from the angry stpeter and move on :-)
[11:14:12] *stpeter is angry, yes
[11:14:14] <jack> anyway, we're doing the only thing we can do
[11:14:24] <Jehan> I can see this, indeed... very angry.
[11:14:28] <stpeter> I like people who do things, not people who complain
[11:14:40] <Nÿco> ...
[11:14:56] <Will> as i'm not complaining OR doing anything - i feel safe
[11:15:41] <Jehan> I would have thought that XMPP was notable anyway. :-/
[11:15:44] <Will> So, FOSDEM
[11:16:36] <Will> theres a post about the dates/summit 8 in draft on the
blog if someone would like to push the publish button
[11:16:56] <Will> so members can mark dates in their diaries (with alarms)
[11:17:17] <jack> i'm happy to proofread hit publish on that post lunch
[11:17:23] <Will> thanks
[11:17:29] <Will> it's v.short
[11:17:49] <Nÿco> I can also proof read, but for the content only, not
the language
[11:18:05] <stpeter> ok cool
[11:19:10] <Will> i'll mail the commteam list later maybe tomorrow)
about assistance with the new site content....
[11:19:48] <Nÿco> you only mention the 6/7 which are sat/sun
[11:19:58] <Will> the only section we'll need cut 'n' paste help with
the protocols section. i'll polish and complete the other bits over
christmas/new year break
[11:20:08] <Nÿco> is that right? don't we do also the friday and/or the
monday (I've not followed)
[11:20:28] <jack> usually fosdem is two days and we take an extra day on
one end to do the summit
[11:20:34] <stpeter> speaking of the blog, we need to update the blog
[11:20:35] <Will> Nÿco: please alter but we haven't yet decided if the
summit is going to be before, after or around fosdem weekend
[11:20:46] <Nÿco> ok
[11:20:57] <Nÿco> can we add a smal sentence about it?
[11:21:20] <stpeter> I can proofread after this meeting
[11:21:39] <stpeter> I thought we decided on a Friday hackfest and a
Monday summit
[11:21:57] <jack> that seems fine to me
[11:22:09] <Will> stpeter: you're probably right, i probably wasn't
paying attention
[11:22:25] <stpeter> and I haven't read the minutes you wrote, either :)
[11:23:23] <stpeter> ok
[11:23:31] <stpeter> so once Nÿco is done I'll edit it a bit
[11:23:40] *jack is still trying to dig up his blog password
[11:23:41] <Nÿco> Im' done
[11:23:44] <stpeter> Nÿco and I also need to push out the roundup post(s)
[11:23:47] <stpeter> ok thank Nÿco
[11:23:55] <stpeter> jack: :)
[11:24:11] <Nÿco> yes, right, I can work on it in the evening
[11:24:14] <Nÿco> some need rework
[11:24:23] *stpeter uses strong passwords for everything and changes
them once a year, the time for password changes is coming in 2010 :)
[11:24:25] <stpeter> Nÿco: ok
[11:24:33] <Nÿco> I can for example release the lock on the specs article
[11:24:39] <stpeter> Nÿco: and perhaps we will split it up, right?
[11:24:40] <stpeter> ok
[11:24:46] <Nÿco> it is split up
[11:24:49] <stpeter> ok
[11:25:21] <Nÿco> someone else feels like proff-reading the roundup
parts, once they're done?
[11:25:30] <Will> i'm happy to
[11:25:36] <Nÿco> cool
[11:25:41] <stpeter> I'm editing the FOSDEM post
[11:26:46] <stpeter> ok shall I just push out that post?
[11:26:48] <stpeter> seems good
[11:27:06] <Will> yup
[11:27:47] <stpeter> done
[11:27:48] <stpeter> ok
[11:28:03] <stpeter> Florian is looking into hotels but no report from
him, we can ping him on the lists
[11:28:17] <stpeter>
http://blog.xmpp.org/index.php/2009/12/xmpp-summit-8-fosdem-2010/ BTW
[11:29:00] <Will> other than that do we have any other agenda items?
[11:29:12] <stpeter> let's see
[11:29:25] <stpeter> the next meeting is the Annual Meeting
[11:29:41] <stpeter> so the Board needs to figure out if it wants to
recruit new people for Secretary and so on
[11:29:49] *** neustradamus (neustradamus at jabber.org/-Psi-) has joined
the room as a participant
[11:29:49] *** luca tagliaferri (yuppinturic at jabber.bluendo.com/Glider)
has joined the room as a participant
[11:30:18] <stpeter> our official Treasurer (Peter Millard's widow
Christina) is not very active, so we might want to consider someone else
[11:30:40] <Will> recruit from within or outside of membership?
[11:30:41] <stpeter> ideally the Treasurer will have signing access to
the bank account
[11:31:01] <stpeter> and to set up signing access the person should
probably be local to where the account is
[11:31:11] <jack> which means denver?
[11:31:14] <stpeter> our account is with Wells Fargo, which is mostly in
the Western US
[11:31:16] <Will> which is....?
[11:31:36] <stpeter> I know the people at the branch here of course, but
I suppose that we could set up someone who is not in Denver
[11:31:37] <jack> my bank is also wellsfargo, but i don't think i've
been a treasurer before :)
[11:31:41] <stpeter> heh
[11:31:45] <stpeter> well
[11:31:51] <stpeter> we need to work on that aspect of things
[11:32:17] <stpeter> I am not a good treasurer either -- in fact I need
to go over all the books soon to reconcile some statements and such
[11:32:28] <stpeter> so this is something for the Board to consider
[11:32:36] <stpeter> I'm just raising it for discussion now
[11:33:22] <stpeter> some checks and balances would probably be a good
idea, because to date I have spent all the money and just reimbursed
myself :)
[11:33:42] <Will> lol
[11:33:44] <stpeter> so I pay through my personal credit card where
[11:33:48] <stpeter> and then reimburse myself
[11:33:58] *** ivan101 (ivan101 at xz.zsttk.ru/Psi) has joined the room as
a participant
[11:34:02] <stpeter> or write a check directly for some things like
business registration
[11:35:10] <jack> seems like if we found an open source/cross platform
program for the management, anyone coudl easily do it
[11:35:17] <jack> and we could stick the data file in SVN
[11:35:22] <stpeter> e.g. I just received a bill from National
Registered Agents, Inc., for our Delware Franchise Tax
[11:35:51] <stpeter> so typically I would just pay that, keep all
receipts, and reimburse myself
[11:36:01] <stpeter> jack: yeah
[11:36:27] <stpeter> I suppose OpenOffice can do that
[11:36:38] <stpeter> although I'd prefer something more lightweight :P
[11:36:52] <stpeter> OO is a hog
[11:36:59] <jack> i'll try and do a little research on that.
[11:37:04] <stpeter> ok
[11:37:08] <stpeter> OO would be fine
[11:37:15] <stpeter> that is cross-platform and easily accessible
[11:37:24] <jack> you mean jus tusing the spreadsheet?
[11:37:48] <stpeter> right
[11:38:45] <jack> yeah, that's a reasonable fallback plan, but i think
something better is possible.
[11:38:45] <jack> i'll report next meeting
[11:42:29] <stpeter> ok
[11:42:29] <stpeter> thanks
[11:42:29] <stpeter> I'll look into it as well, we can share ideas via
some kind of messaging system
[11:42:30] <stpeter> weird, lag
[11:42:31] *** psa (stpeter at stpeter.im/squire) has joined the room as a
[11:42:31] <psa> hmph
[11:42:32] <psa> logged in Psi for some reason
[11:42:32] <psa> anyway
[11:42:32] <psa> next item?
[11:42:32] <psa> s/logged/lagged/
[11:42:57] <Will> i'm not sure there is a next item, other than to
confirm date of next meeting (annual meeting)
[11:46:03] <psa> ok
[11:46:26] <Will> Jan 6?
[11:46:26] <jack> i suggested jan 6 last time
[11:46:27] <psa> the iteam has continued cleaning up a bunch of stuff,
it's pretty much non-stop :)
[11:46:27] <Will> :-)
[11:46:38] *** ivan101 (ivan101 at xz.zsttk.ru/Psi) has left the room
(Logged out)
[11:46:38] <psa> right
[11:46:39] *** luca tagliaferri (yuppinturic at jabber.bluendo.com/Glider)
has left the room
[11:46:39] <psa> that is in the calendar already
[11:46:41] <psa> and now it has an alarm, too :P
[11:46:41] <jack> great, so i think we're done?
[11:47:03] <Will> minutes volunteer?
[11:47:04] <Will> ...
[11:47:04] <psa> I think so
[11:47:05] <jack> i'll do it
[11:47:05] <psa> Will: I can write the minutes this time
[11:47:05] <psa> ok
[11:47:05] <psa> whichever :)
[11:47:05] <Will> phew
[11:47:12] <Will> my next option was to zip up the logs and email them
to florian
[11:47:12] <psa> heh
[11:47:25] <jack> hahah
[11:47:28] <Will> aob?
[11:47:30] <psa> Will: I'll forward your minutes from the last meeting
to the members@ list too
[11:47:30] <Will> psa: thanks
[11:47:30] <Will> i should have done that
[11:47:30] <psa> yes, AOB: have a merry Christmas, happy new year,
joyous yule, and all that!
[11:47:31] <Will> and you!
[11:47:48] <psa> I'll be mostly offline for the next ten days
[11:47:48] <psa> other than working on the wiki :P
[11:48:08] <Will> i'll be mostly online, avoiding christmas television
[11:49:22] <psa> ok, thanks guys, we'll poke Florian on the list
[11:49:25] <stpeter> good plan
[11:49:41] *** psa (stpeter at stpeter.im/squire) has left the room
(Disconnected: connection closed)
[11:50:15] <stpeter> I'll send the log to the members@ list too

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