[Members] REMINDER: Membership application period Q3/2009

Michael Grigutsch xsf at mailto.migri.de
Wed Jul 29 05:27:02 CDT 2009

Hi everybody!

>> Alexander Gnauck wrote:
>>> The XSF is currently holding its quarterly membership application
>>> period Q3/2009.
>>> According to my records the following members have to reapply:
>>> * Michael Grigutsch

OK and I have overlooked that and so missed to reapply.
That happens and I think its not such a disaster as I was not as useful for 
the community during my membership as I hoped. Mostly it's my lack of 
language skills - I was able to read and understand everythink but not so 
good in writing, especially to participate in discussions.
Nevertheless I liked to tell you, that I didn't left on purpose. If you want 
me back in the XSF just tell me and I'll consider new application for the
next period.

So long and thanks that you let me participate.

Michael Grigutsch

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