[Members] Out of topic question for Mongolia and Russia contacts

Jehan jehan at zemarmot.net
Fri Mar 13 10:30:11 CDT 2009

Hi all,

I am still not left from the mailing list, even though I have announced it.
I would have a query for people from Russia or Mongolia, if there are any
on this list. I am leaving for a round trip around the world with my
motorcycle. But to make a visa in order to enter some countries (Russia and
Mongolia are the only two with such a procedure, as far as I read it), I am
asked «invitations».

Everybody tells that I "simply" needs to contact some associations in these
countries for instance, then they can provide me official invitations.
Hence my query is obvious: is there anyone in the Jabber community here
which is living in Russia or Mongolia and can provide me with an invitation
so that I can make a visa?
If so, if you could send me an email, it would be great.
Thanks all. And sorry for being out topic like this.


Que la Sainte Marmotte soit avec moi!
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Tél: 06 81 89 41 20
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