[Members] First XSF Certificate Meeting

Nathan Fritz nathanfritz at gmail.com
Mon May 11 16:21:09 CDT 2009

XSF Members,

What: Meeting to start Compliance Certificate process
Who: the XSF Members
When: Thursday, May 21st at 1800 GMT
Where: xmpp:foundation at conference.jabber.org?join
Quote: "the XSF is useless -- what's the point of compliance levels without
compliance certification?!?" -PSA

A couple of years ago, the Council started creating yearly XMPP
Client/Server Compliance levels as XEPs (XEP-0211, XEP-0212, XEP-0213,
XEP-0216, XEP-0242, XEP-0243) to publish the XSF's expectations for IM
servers and clients that claim to be XMPP compliant. While a good first
step, these compliance XEPs are worthless without certifications for
compliance.  These certifications would not be limited to the Council's
compliance XEPs, but could include specific XEPs and RFCs.  This means that
we, the XSF Members, will be responsible for determining which XEPs to
create certificates for, gathering tests and criteria for a piece of
software to pass a certificate, performing the testing (automated and brute
force alike), awarding compliance certificates, and maintaining existing
certificates.  During next week's meeting we will determine our first set of
XEPs to create certificates for, discuss the criteria for awarding
certificates in general, and discuss how this should apply to XSF
membership.  As one of the action items following this meeting, I will call
a vote for the XSF members to determine whether we should have a process for
awarding compliance certificates.

In the meantime, please think about what XEPs we should initially offer as
certificates.  I propose that XEP-0242, XEP-0243, XEP-0060, and XEP-0163
should be our initial set of certificates, and I will defend that during the
meeting.  Also, think about what tests you can contribute including
automated wire tests that you have access to and methods that you use for
manually testing features.  We will likely need to make a call out to the
greater community for additional automated tests that will help for specific
XEPs that we choose to create certificates for.  I personally am working on
a large test harness for XEP-0060 that I hope to have finished in time for
the San Jose Summit.

In the end, I hope it will become part of the core responsibilities of the
XSF members to develop these certificates, actively test implementations,
and award developers for being compliant with specific XEPs.  XMPP software
developers should reach out to us to get their products certified and we
could reach out to software developers to encourage them to get their
servers and clients certified.  They should be able to display their
certification proudly on their product pages.

Nathan Fritz
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